Pacifica Tribune/Letters to the Editor, 6/9/15.  "S-R 1 Windening" by Todd McCune Bray

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And, exactly what legal points are
NIMBIES trying to work around this time?
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How that works, I think: the City is
a partner to highway 1 widening.
Therefore, the City isn't objective,
therefore we sue and lose again.
"There is no rational reason to have a non permitted third party proposal inserted into the city's Capital Improvement Plan. Highway 1 belongs to the State of California and the state is solely responsible for any improvements to any section of SR 1 within the city's boundaries. 

Furthermore, how will the Planning Commission or City Council provide an unbiased vote on any SR 1 proposal like the Calera Creek widening proposal if the city has listed it, the fifty five million dollar widen project as a city Capital Improvement? 

The Planning Commission and City Council have a chance to level the playing field so the residents of Pacifica can have their ideas heard and have the same weight of an out of third party governmental agency as powerful as Caltrans.

Please remove the Calera Parkway Project proposal from the city's Capital Improvement Plan. It has no business being there, it will hamper any objectivity by the city and worst of all it silences the public voice."

Note photographs: Man in front of truck  by Toni Somes from Sunshine Coast Daily/Rural/AU.  Dog from The bitter southerner.

Posted by Kathy Meeh