Thursday, February 5, 2015

Storm coming to Pacifica beginning Friday, February 6, 2015

Pineapple Express weather again

Nextdoor General Notification/City Agencies/Pacifica Police Department, 2/5/15. "Storm Advisory."

"A storm system affecting the Bay Area is expected to hit beginning early Friday morning, lasting into the weekend. Below is a link to a National Weather Service video providing information regarding the expected impact on the Bay Area."

Reference -  Weather Underground, 10 weather forecast, significant rain and wind as follows:
Friday, 2/6/15.  Beginning late morning to mid-afternoon, heavy rain (to 1.5 inches) and wind (to 32 mph).
Saturday, 2/7/15.  Chance of rain.
Sunday, 2/8/15 Beginning mid-morning to late afternoon, rain (to .75 inch) and wind (to 25 mph).
Monday, 2/9/15.  Chance of rain.  

Reference  - AccuWeather, 2/5/15, includes embedded video, 4:41 minutes. "Heavy rain will inundate coastal Oregon and northern California late this week into early next week, threatening serious flash flooding, mudslides and travel delays and cancellations. A Pineapple Express will help to fuel the heavy rain as a storm plows into the Pacific coast Thursday into Saturday. The heaviest rain will soak Northern California during the day on Friday.  "A Pineapple Express is a continuous surge of tropical moisture extending from near Hawaii all the way into a West Coast storm," Senior Meteorologist Bernie Rayno said."
Storm from Hawaii, no pineapples

Regional - National Weather Service San Francisco Bay Area/Monterey, CA briefing, "Upcoming Storm bringing wind and rain to the Bay Area, 2/4/15,You tube, 2:42 minutes.

Related Pineapple Express clarification - Spears, 12/19/10. "What is the Pineapple Express?" "It's an unofficial weather term used to describe a flow of moisture that originates near Hawaii and flows across the Pacific Ocean into the western United States. Think of it as a fire hose that stretches nearly 5,000 miles! ... "

Note photograph/graphics:  Weather from Aljazeera/Kevin Corriveu/AJE weather, 12/5/12; pineapple by Getty Images from Time Magazine/Andrew J. Rotherham, "School of thought, What everyone missed on the pineapple question", 5/4/12.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...


An Atmospheric River storm and Pineapple Express storm are completely different.

Anonymous said...

So many "know it alls" in Pacifica.
Too bad they don't understand the fundamentals of economics and enable the bankruptcy of Pacifica.

Kathy Meeh said...

704, thanks for the general description. The credible weather sources I viewed described the storm as a Pineapple Express (from the tropics). is somewhat vague, but the only type of atmospheric river (general term) mentioned is a Pineapple Express (specific term).

More information is usually good. But, come on man, use more language than one sentence; back-up your statement, use links, describe the difference. Give us an article.