Sunday, February 8, 2015

RadioShack apparently not closing in Pacifica

San Francisco Chronicle/Business Insider/Myles Udland, 2/7/15, "Here are the 1,784 RadioShack stores that will close by March 31 (RSH)."

1,784 RadioShack stores close by 3/1/15,
Pacifica, CA is not on the list.
...." As part of its bankruptcy proceedings, the company is going to close a number of its stores, while others will survive as part of an agreement with Sprint to create a "store within a store."  .... In all, the company plans to close at least 1,784 stores by March 31, with the closures coming in three waves, or tranches.  ...  1,784 RadioShack's will be gone in less than two months."  Read article.

Reference - Quartz : list of proposed RadioShack store closings.   Goodwin Procter, LLP (international business law firm, Boston, MA)/MuniBK Blog/Gina Martin, 10/16/12, "Chapter 9 vs. Chapter 11:  a summary of key differences."

Related closure article - GIZMODO/Chris Mills, 2/7/15. "These are the RadioShack stores that are closing." RadioShack has around 5,000 stores with its branding worldwide, but as Bloomberg points out, not all of those are going to vanish in the near future, regardless of what happens in the boardroom. Around a thousand of those stores are operated as franchises, which will retain the right to use the RadioShack name for the next few years (whether they want to do that, of course, is a different question). Furthermore, if a rumored deal with Sprint goes through, 1,750 stores will be co-branded as Sprint retail locations and continue to sell gold-plated connectors to unsuspecting pensioners."

Related history article - New York Times/Steven Davidoff Solomon, 9/16/14. "A history of misses for RadioShack." ....  "The story of RadioShack begins with failure. The company, founded in 1921, sold radio parts and surplus supplies by outlet and catalog. But it was almost bankrupt when it was purchased in 1963 by Tandy Corporation, a leather retailer.  At the time, RadioShack had just nine stores. But it expanded rapidly to become a hobbyist’s dream. RadioShack became a mythical place for all things related to electronics, catering not just to the do-it-yourselfers but to anyone in search of the latest gadgets."

Related RadioShack, Pacifica - 1221 Linda Mar Shopping Center,Yelp reviews.  A RadioShack comes in handy in this part of town!

Note USA RadioShack closure map from WSJ News Graphics, 2/6/15, (source: RadioShack Corp.).

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Anonymous said... is in talks with them to buy some of the stores. Walk in shop to ship and return packages and deal with Kindle issues.

Anonymous said...

The Lenders for Radio Shack would only allow 200 store closings in the first round. Many more stores will close as the bankruptcy plays out.

Kathy Meeh said...

335, the SF Gate/Chronicle/Business insider article link states that the court has determined the order of Radio Shack store closures: 162 by 2/17; then 986 by 2/28; then 636 by 3/31. But, with court notification by 2/18, the 2/28 group may extend closure to 3/31. Total 1,784 stores closed by 3/31.

Anonymous said...

What's a radio?