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GGNRA master management plan, Montara

Half Moon Bay Review/Mark Noack, 2/19/15.  "New plan envisions changes for Rancho Corral de Tierra, GGNRA management plan sets out vision for parks."

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"The Golden Gate National Recreation Area last week unveiled a new general management plan, a master playbook of its vision for the portfolio of parks.

.... Under its preferred plan, the federal park system anticipates it could spend up to $6.4 million on improvements to Rancho Corral. The agency’s top projects include about $3.6 million in upgrades to develop a better trail system through the landscape as well as improving the existing horse ranches.   

....  The GGNRA staff also included other alternatives, most of which scaled back the modifications to the Rancho Corral property. One plan focused on preserving the coastal habitat and called for removing all four horse ranches from the property and converting fire roads into trails. Another plan — the “no-action” alternative — would keep limited public access for hiking and horseback riding. ....  The general management plan did not address the rules on dog walking, an issue that has generated huge public interest.  Read more.

Note photographs: Rancho Coral de Tierra trail sign (bicycling, horseback riding, no dogs, no off terrain or other motorized vehicles) by Bill Bechtel from Half Moon Bay Review, 411/13. Otter from Science Blogs. 

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