Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Burlingame plans to build more housing

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Tear down outdated city hall,
build housing
The Daily Journal/Austin Walsh, 2/11/15.  "City Hall may become housing:  Burlingame offering property in return for more housing, parking, new City Hall."

Burlingame officials are considering moving City Hall, as part of an effort to leverage city-owned property into building more housing and parking, said City Manager Lisa Goldman. Staff has already issued a request for proposals from developers willing to build more affordable housing on a city-owned parking lot south of Howard Avenue, so long as the company would also be willing to construct more parking spaces on a neighboring lot.
Going forward, Goldman said the city is also considering issuing another request for proposals, which would allow companies to develop housing at the City Hall site, under the agreement that the builder would also construct a new City Hall on another city-owned parking lot elsewhere.

....  City Hall is in dire need of renovation and seismic retrofitting, which could cost as much as $11.5 million, said Goldman. So city officials are considering whether it is worth sinking the cost into reworking an old building, or if it is a better plan to explore building a new site. ....“Fundamentally, no one’s priority is rebuilding City Hall. It has significant maintenance, health and seismic issues,” he said.   Read article.

Reference - City of Burlingame, CA.  Note photograph from the City website.

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Anonymous said...

Burlingame can, every other city can, but Pacifica.

Epic Failure on every level.

Anonymous said...

Hey 1010 it looks like Pacifica doesn't want to. Take a look at the 20 or so Valentines posted on City Hall Listens. Oh! The open space, the scenery, the debt we owe local eco-pioneers, the volunteers...MWAH MWAH MWAH! Remember, City Hall Listens.