Friday, February 20, 2015

Someone from Moss Beach is going to Mars, one way ticket-- no, not him

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Moving in, open space
parking, no traffic jams.
"Several Bay Area residents and natives are among 100 people selected worldwide to begin training for a planned mission to colonize Mars in 2024. The 100 candidates were selected from a pool of more than 200,000 applicants around the world. The 50 men and 50 women selected will now begin a selection round including group training exercises and interviews.

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Mars to Earth,
hello Moss Beach,
Pacifica, anywhere.
Eventually the Mars One foundation, a nonprofit established to set up a human colony on Mars, plans to set up outposts on Earth in areas like the desert or the Arctic for small groups to inhabit as part of their training.  The training would include scenarios like what they would do if the air supply unit stopped functioning correctly, or if they were running out of water. Portions of the training process could be televised and organizers hope selling the broadcast rights will help to fund the mission."The Daily Journal (San Mateo), Bay City News/Scott Morris, 2/18/15. "Moss Beach man among 100 candidates selected for Mars colonization training."

"One of the several Bay Area residents selected is Peter Felgentreff, 50, a technology worker who lives near Moss Beach in San Mateo County.  .....  He learned he was selected to be one of the 100 applicants this week and said he is ready to begin the extensive training necessary before he could potentially take the trip to Mars in less than a decade.
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No waterfront to cover here.

The pool of applicants includes people from a wide range of backgrounds -- teachers, artists, engineers -- but little Earth-bound experience could prepare someone to be the first person to move to another planet. San Jose Mercury News/Bay City News Service, 2/18/15. "Mission to Mars:  Bay Area residents selected for training."   Read more, same article both newspapers.

Reference - Mars One foundation, "Human settlement on Mars." Wikipedia/Mars One.   Related article -

Note photographs.  Astronaut from Next Trip Tourism. Spaceship landing from Walking with a dog (lol) from Earth and other unlikely worlds.

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What is your problem with Mayburrito?

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I think that the 1970s expression "Far Out" applies here!

Kathy Meeh said...

Worldwide search, 100 accepted applicants, 1 Moss Beach. Didn't want to confuse you 853.

Governments have not made this human trip to Mars. Mars One is a private non-profit Dutch foundation. The project is of course controversial, as described in the article links other than Mars One foundation.