Sunday, February 15, 2015

Scientists study ideas to combat global warming

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.... Meantime, West Coast,
expect warmer weather.
San Jose Mercury News/Lisa M. Krieger, 2/14/15. "San Jose: Scientist call for 'geoengineering' tests to find ways to cool the planet."

....  "Scientists say the proposals to study sun-blocking ideas are spurred by this sobering reality: Even if we completely stopped carbon emissions today, the Earth will continue warming over the next several decades.

A geoengineering test, fiercely opposed by some environmentalists, could involve wafting tiny sea-salt particles toward low-lying clouds off California's Central Coast to try to fend off sunlight. They argue that it's dangerous to tinker with the environment rather than stop the problem at its source. 

....  The scientists' recommendations come on the heels of last week's release of two influential reports on geoengineering by the National Research Council of the Academy of Sciences."  Read article.

Note photograph from  Conserve Energy Future.

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