Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Home burglary this morning in Vallemar - alert

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"I understand that there was a home burglary this morning in Vallemar. This is second hand but some of the facts make sense. 

An older gray car with the license plate covered over was observed parked in front of the home  by the owner after she had just returned. She did the right thing and did not go into the house but she did call the police and then observed 2 individuals leaving the home and hastily driving away. 

The police arrived too late to stop the burglars. Interesting enough, the police shared with the woman that there is a gang from Oakland operating in the area with criminal intent on their minds (my words). I took a look at our police log and lo and behold:  

09:01 Suspicious Vehicle 1502170063
Occurred at Park Pacifica Av/Everglades Dr, Pacifica. Gray bmw 7 series no plates/pulling up to houses "scouting things out"/wf 20's driver white hoodie /he lost them at Grand Teton. 
Disposition: Gone On Arrival.
I would make a connection. I would suggest that we all keep our eyes out and be good neighbors. Don't be a hero, dial 911. 

This happens on occasion. We will attract "visitors" from out of town looking for easy pickins. Let's not let that happen."

Jim Wagner, Park Pacifica

Note photograph from AlarmsRus.

Postd by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Well the police had to drive all the way from Vallemar to Vallemar so it's not surprising they missed the suspects.

Anonymous said...

princess crews according to one very smart Pacifican.

Anonymous said...

The crime was practically right under their nose. Fire-breathing dragons they're not.

Anonymous said...

Pacifica police aren't there when needed, but they'll ticket u for seatbelts in a jiffy, red lights and all. Officer response was they received a grant" to do their job. What do they do when there is no grant" Miss out getting the real bad guys. JOKE>

Anonymous said...

Actually, Anonymous 9:42pm, ticketing "u" for seat belts and red lights IS their job too.