Saturday, February 21, 2015

Planned opportunity to fix congested Highway 1 is now

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Alternative NIMBY plan,
aka: there is no plan.
No horizon, and no funding.
Pacifica Tribune/Letters to the Editor, 2/17/15,  "Highway 1" by Frank Vella

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Sure an emergency vehicle can
get through, just move over.
"Editor:  Highway 1 congestion is bad for all. No truer words have been spoken about the commute, safety and environmental harm caused by the Highway 1 congestion. Per John Maybury's column last week: "UNCLOGGING IT Scott McKellar says that according to Google, cars stuck in traffic waste 1.9 billion gallons of gas per year in the United States."

And here in Pacifica, we have had 30 years of wasting gas in the Highway 1 congestion trap running from Fassler to Reina Del Mar. It's bad enough I'm in my car wasting gas and missing appointments. Just think if you were in an ambulance stuck in traffic! Let's fix Highway 1 NOW. The gallons of gas you save and maybe something a lot more valuable (your life!) are worth it."

Referenced comment -   Pacifica Tribune/John Maybury columnist/"Wandering and Wondering, 2/11/15. "Unclogging it." "Scott McKellar says that, according to Google, cars stuck in traffic waste 1.9 billion gallons of gas per year in the United States.  All the more reason to drive defensively and not cut people off, which causes traffic backups and road rage. ..."

Note:  the photograph is from an article by Executive in Sweatpants/Matt Keener, 4.30/13," The cost of driving to work." Chihuahua dog standing on hamburger shoes from The sheep whisperer, 3/2/14.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Shall we vote on it? Again.

Kathy Meeh said...

804, sure the same way we "voted" on replacing the San Pedro Bridge: 18 month traffic tie-up for the potential 100 year flood, and to protect species.

Next: help the humans avoid the 30 year traffic congestion through Vallemar. The 1.3 mile project has already been studied 10 years; the process was fair, the project is funded, and we're waiting for the judge to make a decision on the NIMBY lawsuit.

Moving forward "again": one for you; and one for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a yes, Kathy.

Kathy Meeh said...

804, 1017, City Council VOTED to move forward on the fix for both San Pedro Bridge and Highway 1. Kudos to them for their action-- just what this city needs: more action and less obstruction to block "everything".

This process began for both San Pedro Bridge and Highway 1 projects over 10 years ago. City Council was the "vote" needed. And, in other words, except for the lawsuit result pending, the project is shovel ready. Got it now?

Anonymous said...

Kathy, what I "got" was the results of the last election and so did you. Desperately spin it any old way you personal fav is that aggregate vote story. Funneee! O'Neill is real lucky the third anti-widening candidate was an unknown kid. I think the voters did what they could with what they had to stop CalTrans and IMHO they won't hesitate to "take the initiative" if council fails to heed the message. Bring it on!

Kathy Meeh said...

141, 1017, 804 oh funny! The post 11/14 city council election "desperate spin" is coming from you. Surprise, there was no pro-highway congestion mandate. There were too many "good guy" candidates, as is too often the case. As for running trash spin campaigns, NIMBIES have earned the lifetime Oscar award in this City.

Even the NIMBY lead city councils of 10 years ago could figure-out 1) better provisions were needed to provide for a potential 100 year flood, and 2) there is Highway 1 traffic congestion through Vallemar area (duh). Alternative solutions? Nothing else viable. That's why that City Council requested CalTrans fix both the highway 1 congestion, and the bridge and terrain.

So here we are. Some of us are amused, however, that some of you NIMBIES complain about traffic caused by the San Pedro bridge replacement project championed by your hero, Jim Vreeland. Progress is good for everyone!