Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Local man has perfect job

Pacifica Tribune print version/Jean Bartlett/Bartlett's column, 2/18/15.  "Asked at Donut Time in the Linda Mar Shopping Center."  Two who responded the question below were 1) a lineman, and 2) a six year old girl.

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My perfect job
"What job would you love to have?

Adam Escamilla. 'I have the perfect job now.  I am a lineman, high voltage.  I like the adventure of it. It's always a challenge and it's something different every day.  I work with a diverse group of people, including helicopter pilots.'

Ava, age 6.  'I would like to be a ballerina. I have taken ballet, and I liked it.'"

Related - 664 Freedom blog, "High power-lineman, a high risk occupation." This new electrical power work is more hazardous than telegraph or telephone work because of the risk of electrocution.  Linemen may perform a number of tasks associated with power lines, including installation or replacement of  capacitor banks, distribution transformers on poles, insulators, fuses, etc.  ....  Such work is often done from helicopters and is considered a highly specialized area of line work; few linemen have the special training to perform it."  Note helicopter and linemen photograph from this related article.

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