Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Saturday, February 14, 2015

Image result for Valentines day pictureThe Guardian/Tim Dowling, 2/11/15. "I never loved Valentine's Day.  Thank god I married a British woman."

"My earliest memories of Valentine’s Day are blurry but traumatic. I seem to recall my mother buying large packs of generic Valentine’s cards for us to fill out and take to school, and although I had no interest in this, she would insist that I at least do one for my teacher. I couldn’t think of anything worse, whether I disliked the teacher or was in love with her – it would be a mortifying ordeal either way.

....  Anyway, as a married person I feel as if I have somehow graduated from Valentine’s Day, which is effectively a sort of amateur night. We now have our own anniversary to commemorate or forget."  Read article.

Note graphic from Design Bolts/Zee Que,"Happy Valentine's day 2014 image by Chiaralily.

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