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State has right to stock trout in lakes confirmed, 5 years later

San Francisco Chronicle/Tom Stienstra, 2/14/15. "Outdoors:  Court rules that trout stocking can continue."
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"A story that barely registered as a blip in the mainstream media last week is a landmark moment for trout fishing in California. At the state Court of Appeal in Sacramento, the Center for Biological Diversity LOST its lawsuit to stop the Department of Fish and Wildlife from stocking trout in the state’s lakes.

Hundreds of lakes and reservoirs, including those in the Bay Area, would have no trout if they were not stocked, and hundreds of private ponds on ranches would not have bass, bluegill and catfish if they weren’t planted, either.

The Center for Biological Diversity was able to block trout plants temporarily in 2008 when it argued that the state must complete environmental studies that show potential impacts before any plants are permitted, such as to the red-legged frog, for instance, even if frogs didn’t exist in the lakes being planted.Read Article.

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We've got fish, and not
one red-legged frog affected,
even if they don't exist here.
Reference - California Department of Fish and Wildlife News, 2/11/15. "CDFW wins lawsuit defending attack on hatcheries." "The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) was victorious in the Third District Court of Appeal yesterday when the court upheld the agency’s statewide Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on its hatchery and fish stocking program. In 2006, CDFW embarked on a years-long, multimillion dollar public process to create the statewide EIR for the hatchery and stocking program, which had been providing recreational fishing opportunities along with economic opportunities for related businesses to California’s anglers for more than 100 years.
Once it was completed and filed in January of 2010, two groups attacked the EIR and the CDFW program in Superior Court alleging that the EIR was insufficient under California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) standards. They lost that case and then appealed that loss. Yesterday, the court found that the measures adopted by CDFW in 2010 are comprehensive and sufficiently protective of the state’s natural resources while providing recreational opportunities to anglers. The court found for CDFW and against the plaintiffs on all CEQA allegations. This victory by CDFW means hatchery operations will continue to benefit anglers across the state without further modifications, unless the losing parties choose to appeal."

Center for Biological Diversity.  Interesting, there doesn't seem to be any information about this lawsuit or any other failed lawsuits on the CBD website.  Is the State still paying groups that sue and loose environmental lawsuits?

Note fish stocking photographs.  From the spout by Ashley Smith/Times-News Magic Valley/Times-News; looking on from Casitas Municipal Water District/Fish Stocking.

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What a blessing that the State of California brings fish to ponds and lakes. Grandpa used to fish at Lake Merced, he caught many good ones there. I wish we had a pond or lake here in Pacifica...DO YOU remember once upon a time there was a Trout Farm in the valley...but great news we have the pier and Andy Pappas! He's the CRAB KING!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, ILP. What a blessing the State does this. Used to be God. Guess he's been replaced...


Well, I'm not so sure of that. I suppose God has blessed the state of california, because if we were cursed as a people, we'd surely enjoy biblical wrath like plagues, famines and locusts, but alas, now the state is flush with cash and has fish to spread around. Now and then we have an earthquake or a drought, I aint complaining about that. I got up this morning and every day is like a birthday party to me. You all ought to think about that.

TGOPTP said...

Bartender: Whatever ILP is drinking.

Heisenberg: Whatever ILP is smoking.

It is appropriate that CBD filed this lawsuit since they are pond scum.