Thursday, February 12, 2015

Heroes in last week's ocean rescue

North Coast Fire Department "doesn't have a boat", or a jet ski (and trained personnel); and it may take too long for the Coast Guard to arrive, even by helicopter.

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Empty beach, might as well go surfing
Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 2/10/15.  "Swimmer rescued during storm."
"At about 10 a.m., with extremely strong winds and rain gusting Pacifica, a man and his father-in-law, started surfing. The two novice surfers quickly became separated from each other due to strong, 40-mile-per-hour offshore winds. The younger man, Roberto Gonzales, returned safely to shore, but the older swimmer, Mark Cameron, was swept further away due to the strong current. Local surfers tried to paddle out to assist him, but he was too far out in the ocean.  A Roberts Road resident, Kim Smith, reported to 9-1-1, Cameron was about a mile out and trying to hold on the surfboard. She kept her eye on him in the water and told police and fire personnel where he was.
....  Jason Drochowski and Jim Kibblewhite, both extremely skilled Mavericks jet ski rescuers, launched Drochowski's jet ski from the boat dock at 11:15 a.m. after the swimmer had been in the water for an hour."

"We need a water rescue team in Pacifica.... The fire department has to have a water rescue team," (
article comments from Greg Cochran, president of the Pedro Point Surf Club).  Read article.

Related Fix Pacifica reprint article -  San Francisco Bay News/Dave Brooksher, 2/6/15. "Coast Guard Lt. Sean Kelley said the Coast Guard was sending a helicopter and a boat crew around 11:45 a.m., but Capt. Dan Steidle with the Pacifica Police Department said the surfer was ultimately rescued by a citizen on a jet ski who towed him in. No serious injuries were reported, according to Steidle."

Note photograph -, 4/20/09. "Linda Mar Sand storm", you tube 36 seconds.  Nice detailed reporting, Jane Northrop!

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Anonymous said...

Surfers should fundraise for a water rescue program. They are the only ones getting caught in waves they should not be in...

Anonymous said...

The guy who got swept out wasn't a surfer. He was on a surfboard, but he wasn't a surfer. Real surfers know when not to paddle out, and how to paddle back in against a strong offshore.

Anonymous said...

harsh 302. not only did the poor schmuck almost drown and require rescue but now you say he's not a real surfer. harsh.

Anonymous said...

Surfer or not, anybody who went out on a surfboard in that storm--high winds, big waves, strong surge, rip current--is either crazy or not very bright.

Anonymous said...

Darwin's law ! Father & son team.