Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mavericks surfing competition, event viewing and art exhibit, Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay Review/Mark Noack, 1/14/15. "No big festival, but Mavericks parties on. Contest hopes to partner with local businesses."

Mavericks surfing competition site
Mavericks competition road map, third arrow from the left
"Thousands of surf fans will inevitably gravitate to the Princeton area to get close to the action if the Mavericks surf contest is called, but this year the experience will be different. They will still be forbidden from wandering near the beach or bluffs on the big day, and there won’t be an organized festival where fans can watch all the action.

So, where are these throngs of fans supposed to go? Organizers for Titans at Mavericks, as the contest is now called, think they have a solution. They plan to partner up with local restaurants, bars and other businesses to hold a variety of sanctioned Mavericks viewing parties throughout the Coastside. For a licensing fee, local proprietors would receive the Mavericks branding, promotion and free swag to hand out to their customers. Perhaps most important — the Mavericks team is promising that the businesses that participate will be able to broadcast live video from the event to a larger audience.

“We’ll have a set of official viewing parties for people coming out,” said Cassandra Clark, one of the Mavericks organizers. “This way we can spread the crowd around and allow people to have a great viewing experience.”  Read article.

Reference -  Titans of Mavericks: "The Event", 2015.  The Mavericks competition date will occur one day only between January 1 through March 31, 2015. "Titans of Mavericks is the world’s premiere, high adrenaline, big wave surfing event. This one-day, invitation-only surfing competition is held at the legendary Mavericks surf break located near Half Moon Bay, only 20 minutes south of San Francisco and near the heart of California’s Silicon Valley. The 24 Titans will attempt to compete at the highest level of skill, risk and athleticism to stand out and effortlessly challenge these the massive swells on the biggest and best day of the winter season. Professional big wave surfers from across the globe will travel great distances to take part in the most risk-oriented event in North America. ..." 

Look out below
Yellow thumbtack marks the spot
Related art exhibit article -   San Mateo Times/Aaron Kinney, 1/30/15. "Mavericks photographers open their portfolio in Half Moon Bay Exhibit."  HALF MOON BAY -- Photographers Frank Quirarte and Doug Acton have spent a combined 45 years dodging booming waves at Mavericks, scampering like mice under the feet of an elephant.The fruits of that dedication and adrenaline are some of the most jaw-slackening images ever captured at the formidable surf break. Beginning Saturday, the close friends and collaborators will open their portfolios for a month with the return of an annual exhibit in Half Moon Bay titled "Mavericks: Everest of the Seas." The show could overlap with the "Titans of Mavericks" surfing competition, if ocean conditions are right. The window for holding the famed contest, under new management this year, runs through March 31."  

Related art gallery exhibit - Coastal Arts League Gallery and Museum, and artists Collective, now showing "Mavericks: Everest of the Seas", 1/23/15 - 3/1/15, reception 1/31/15, 6-10 pm., Zaballa Square, 300 Main Street, Half Moon Bay, (650) 726-6335.  Museum and Store hours:  Sunday, Monday, Friday, Saturday 12-5 pm, closed Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Easter, Christmas, New Years day.

Photographs/graphics.Mavericks location event Half Moon Bay Coastside Tours. Look out below by Eric Risberg/Associated Press, 4 of 10 slides from The Examiner/Bay City News.  Road mapping the area, from San Francisco Citizen, 1/23/14. Yellow thumbtack by Alan Holyoak, 2011 From the Shadow of the Tetons. 

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MCG said...

question: when will the big day of surfing be held this year...isn't it usually around Thanksgiving?

Steve "Hang Eleven" Sinai said...

It looks like the window for the competition is any time from January through March. The actual date of the competition depends on how big the waves are. They didn't even have it last year because the waves weren't big enough.