Friday, June 7, 2013

In San Carlos, a commission that has "not much to do" is cancelled

San Carlos says,
art commission has "not much to do"
The Daily Journal (San Mateo), Michelle Durand, 6/7/13.  "San Carlos:  Arts and Culture Commission get axed."

"City Manager Jeff Maltbie proposes the City Council at Monday night’s meeting dissolve the board and move its duties to the Parks and Recreation Commission as a way to save the staff hours needed to support it and because a lack of available members have made meetings less and less frequent.

And message from our eco-island commission:
our "open space" is more important
than your "open space"
According to Maltbie, the commission’s level of activity is also winnowing because there is no dedicated funding source, budget or staff — and not much for it to do. For years, the commission served as a liaison between the city and artistic community and contributed to policy, public art recommendations and events around arts. But those opportunities are diminishing and the commission, which meets at least quarterly, has seen three canceled meetings in the last two years for lack of quorum. 

Mayor Bob Grassilli also agreed the commission’s time has probably come. “There’s no sense to have a commission that doesn’t do anything and doesn’t have any money,” he said."   Read article. 

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Note:  photographs, sleeping girl from by Linda Davidson, Washington Post,  Island from Calgary Bride,Yasawa Island.

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Anonymous said...

This commission sure had an interesting hodge podge of work tasks:

Task 1: Conduct a roundtable meeting of all San Carlos groups or organizations interested in Art, Culture, History and Science

Task 2: Explore and pursue the display of art in public and private venues

Task 3: Increase awareness and participation in science

Task 4: Consider recommending funding of another public art project

Task 5: Consider submittal of Art, Culture, History and Science information and events for e-Blasts and Activity Guides

Public art is very cool. South San Francisco has that metallic looking thing on Westborough Boulevard. Maybe Pacifica could benefit by having an Arts and Culture Commission, or having existing commissions take on some of these tasks, if they do not already.

Anonymous said...

Don't/didn't we have some art piece installed along Beach Blvd at one time? Was it an anchor ? Perhaps a statue? Guess I'll take the blinders off my next drive along the boulevard and actually look for it.

Anonymous said...

Pacifica used to have a Cultural Arts Commission.

Anonymous said...

It floated away one winter, didn't it? Beach Blvd will one day actually be the beach.

Anonymous said...

There's a piece of public art in front of the Lighthouse Hotel/Moonraker restaurant. It's a sculpture that I think is supposed to represent the sunset, but most people think it's more like a basketball backboard.