Thursday, June 6, 2013

Odwalla headquarters has lost its cool Half Moon Bay address

The Half Moon headquarters has closed, and relocated to its main California central valley plant.  About 30 people lost their job in Half Moon Bay.

Still loyal to Odwalla?
Silicon Valley Mercury News/Eric Kurhi, 5/30/13.  "Half Moon Bay:  Juice maker Odwalla closing headquarters"

Yes, Odwalla is a Coca-Cola health drink
"Juice maker Odwalla Inc. will permanently close the doors of its Stone Pine Road headquarters come Friday (5/31/13), as parent company Coca-Cola shutters the facility as part of ongoing realignment efforts. 

Coca-Cola officials said operations will be relocated to Dinuba, a city of about 20,000 in Tulare County, where Odwalla's main production facility is located. About 30 people at the Half Moon Bay office will be affected.

Odwalla was bought in 2001 by Coca-Cola, which was seeking a brand emphasizing nutrition.

In 2010, Coca-Cola acquired its largest bottling operation, Coca-Cola Enterprises, which  "We went from being a business of one size to a business of another size," she said. "Bringing the two together gave us the opportunity to look at how to realign all our North American businesses."prompted structural changes, Stribling said."   Read article. 

Related - City of Dinuba, CA.  Note:  photographs:  Upper right, from San Jose Earthquakes,  Odwalla Player of the month 7/11, Clayton Valley High School goalkeeper. Lower left, Coka-Cola graphic from Friends eat (locked information) blog.

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Article in HMB Review titled: "Odwalla Runs Out of Juice."