Monday, June 17, 2013

N.S.A. tracks e-mails to fathers yesterday

Same day (6/16/13), no "terror plots".

We can hear you now, and before
The New Yorker/Andy Borowitz/the Borowitz Report, 6/17/13.  "Americans sent over a hundred million Father's Day messages, says, N.S.A."

The hundred-million number, while robust, falls short of the hundred and twenty million Mother’s Day messages collected by the N.S.A. in May.

.... The N.S.A. director added that the agency had not foiled any terror plots over the weekend but did uncover between thirty and forty thousand extramarital relationships."  Read more.

Related KUED 7, the University of Utah/Mary Dickson, 2/3/09. Nova presents:  "The Spy Factory". "Technologically Advanced Spy Agency --and Its Mission to Eavesdrop on the World. For the first time on television, NOVA chronicles the NSA's role in eavesdropping-before and after 9/11. Drawing on dozens of interviews with agency insiders and probing publicly available sources, as well as transcripts of terrorist trials and an FBI chronology of the terrorists' movements, NOVA assembles a detailed picture of events leading up to the 9/11 attacks.  ....  Addressing the question, "Are we any safer now than we were before?," Bamford says, "We should have been safe the way it was. NSA had all the information that it needed to stop the 9/11 hijackers. It had laws that allowed it to track the hijackers." Bamford adds that those same laws also protected the privacy of ordinary Americans in ways that have since vanished.Note:  the photograph above, from the KUED article, is the USA National Security Agency's UK listening post at Menwith Hill, England.  

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