Thursday, June 20, 2013

Path to a city selling a new tax to its residents

The Daily Journal/Heather Murtagh, 6/20/13.  "South San Francisco explores business tax change."
Sure the dots connect

....  "In recent years, South San Francisco has put more money into needs like police services to combat an increase in gang problems. Those efforts are paying off but the city dipped into reserves to fund the effort, explained Assistant City Manager Marty Van Duyn. The city recently polled the community to see what services residents value.
  ....  The idea isn’t to impact most businesses. Instead, Van Duyn explained this would be about amending the tax to be sure all businesses are contributing to the city. For example, if a business isn’t physically located within the city limits but does work within South City, like a billboard or vending machine company, it could now need to pay the tax. Or, if a business is producing something that isn’t otherwise contributing to the city coffers — like through a sales or transit occupancy tax — it could also be impacted by a change to the city code. 
....  Godbe Research conducted a survey of 354 residents April 23 through April 29. Maintaining fire and paramedic services as well as police patrols, gang prevention, crime prevention and rapid response to emergency calls were among the top concerns of residents earning support from 78 percent to 81 percent from residents should money be available. Similar support, 78 percent, was generated for maintaining streets and repairing potholes."  Read article.

Note: graphic from  Positive Change Partners.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

How come we ain't got no billboards in Pacifica? What a revenue opportunity. Put em all on the west side of Hwy 1, so all the people driving through town can have something to look at instead of the Pacific Ocean which is pretty boring unless you're a surfer.

Anonymous said...

That would be an outrage.

Anonymous said...

"Don't stop here, these people are batshit crazy". Now, that's a Pacifica billboard!