Sunday, June 2, 2013

Measure A sales tax may help build our new library, and so will a bond

Assuming County Supervisors approve 1x matched funding for a new library, I think we can thank our 3rd District Supervisor, Don Horsley.

The Daily Journal (San Mateo), Michelle Durand, 5/31/13. "Libraries, not the arts, may get county money:  San Mateo County officials to decide on additional allocation of Measure A tax."

Will Pacificans pass a bond measure to complete new library funding?
....  A $2 million request for libraries in East Palo Alto, North Fair Oaks, Pacifica and Half Moon Bay received a warmer reaction. The one-time cash infusion of Measure A money will help those communities meet the needs of current and future customers, Maltbie wrote in his proposal. 

Even if the Board of Supervisors signs off on the idea, the cities or local libraries must agree to match the funds. For every dollar the cities pony up, they can received $3 in Measure A money up to $500,000. The Measure A funds will only go to specific projects and the money must be matched or committed by June 30, 2014 or risk redistribution to the other cities.

....  Pacifica residents have voiced ongoing concerns about accessibility and overcrowding at its two library branches and the community is interested in building an entirely new facility. The conceptual design calls for a 36,500-square-foot building with space for City Council meetings, library services and underground parking. The City Council has asked staff to work out a financing plan with a possible bond measure in November 2014."   Read article.

Reference - Pacifica Library Foundation. Related article on Pacifica Library Foundation website - Contract Design, "The 21st-Century Library, 7/5/10 by Mark Schatz, FAIA principal, Field Paoli and Joan Frye Williams, MLS, Library Consultant. "Despite rumors to the contrary, the ever-rising popularity of the computer and the e-book has not sounded the death knell for public libraries. Indeed, the reverse is true. Although the Internet may make information ubiquitous, the more time people spend in isolation at their computers, the more they hunger for civic engagement. Libraries always have had a role in bringing communities together. Now, more than ever, they are serving multiple roles—as after-school youth centers, senior centers, job centers, and extensions of the town square. In many cases, libraries share locations with schools or community centers. As the pace of change in modern life accelerates, library design is changing too."  Note:  photograph above from that article.   San Mateo County Supervisors website.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

The Measure A funds cap is $500,000? That leaves what, about $35 million, for us to pay for through a bond? Council claims we can expect a whopping $500K annual income from this economic juggernaut. Of course none of them will be around to explain the usual shortfall. When it comes to convincing the public to pay for something, time is a politician's best friend.

Anonymous said...

And you bozo's think the voters are going to vote for $35 million in bond money and increased debt. The city can not even pay the debt they have. They refinanced bonds and took cash out.

The rob Paul to pay Peter days are long over.

Anonymous said...

@448 of course the voters will go for it. the city will tie it to the economic development of the OWWTP. nobody else is going to try to develop that site--it's been a black hole for 15 years. parking a big library in the middle of the thing is not a developer's dream. oh snap! council says "we're just going to have to do it ourselves so we get what we want". you know, it's a lot like the old "right development" scam. try to act surprised taxpayer. check out a book once in a while.

Anonymous said...

A new library might be just the ticket to solve Pacifica's homeless problem. The new Main Library in san Francisco seems to be primarily populated by street people; why not here?

Anonymous said...

Here is a Bookless New Public Library. Everything is Bigger in Texas, except for the library....!

Anonymous said...

A million bucks a square foot for a library.

35 million in bond money plus another 50 million to fix the poop plant and poop pipes.

What is another 85 million in debt between friends right?

Anonymous said...

Don't care about Texas, but the pieces are sure falling into place here in Pacifica. Somebody's been planning, or, you know, maybe the planets are just properly aligned. Property, check. A library-building new City Manager, check check. We even have a warm-up campaign with this UUT for our community groups to practice on. Check check check. Gosh, I wonder if we're going to get a surprise like the way the UUT was sprung on us. Hiring a consultant under the table to get this passed? Once council learns a trick, they use it.