Monday, June 3, 2013

Marin County voter approved desalination plant moves forward

San Francisco Chronicle/Bob Egalko, Staff,5/22/13.  "Marin desalination plant clears hurdle." 

Desalination plant for Marin County, Yes 55.5%, No 44.43%,
election November, 2010
"Plans for a desalination plant to deliver cleansed drinking water from San Rafael Bay to homes in Marin County have taken a step forward with a state appeals court ruling rejecting a challenge by environmental advocates.

The San Rafael plant would provide at least 5 million gallons of water per day to residents of the  Marin Municipal Water District. The district describes it as an environmentally benign solution to future water shortages, but opponents, led by the North Coast Rivers Alliance, contend it would encourage unneeded development and pollute the bay with wastes from the plant.

Superior Court Judge Lynn Duryee rejected the district's environmental impact report in 2011, saying officials had failed to fully analyze the potential effects on water and fish, greenhouse gas emissions or alternatives such as increased water conservation."  Read article.

Related - Marin Independent Journal/Mark Prado, 5/22/13.  ....  "The desalination plant would take San Rafael Bay water and subject it to various forms of treatment to produce drinkable water through reverse osmosis technology. Officials who have supported the project said it would serve as a "drought proof" source of water for the county.  ...  In 2010 the water district's Board of Directors decided to halt further work on the $115 million project because water demand had declined. That trend has continued, and officials point to weather conditions, the economy and water conservation as the reasons. The project remains on hold."

Reference -   Ballotpedia, Marin County approval of a desalination plant, Measure T, 11/2/2010. Note:  photograph during the 2010 campaign from San Anselmo/Fairfax Patch.

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Kathy Meeh said...

Anonymous 2 AM, please restate your question, something about whether a desalination plant would be viable for Pacifica. Sorry in posting your comment, I hit delete in error.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what effect desalination will eventually have on our coastline ? Has anyone read anything about the projected long term effects?