Friday, June 7, 2013

Highway 1 widening is an economic opportunity

 Pacifica Tribune, Letters to the Editor, 5/4/13.   "Who is PH1A" by Mike Calderaro

What, too chicken to widen the highway 1?
The 1.3 mile studies are almost final, move forward.
"Editor: Who exactly is PH1A and who do they represent?  I know that they don't represent me and I doubt that they represent the majority of citizens and drivers in Pacifica. Their litany of concerns sounds like nothing more than a NIMBY approach to the problem and would not solve the long-term problem of traffic on Highway 1.

With the opening of the Devil's Slide Tunnels, traffic will certainly increase and the solutions of PH1A are insufficient to address this.

If the City Council should consider anything, they should view this as an economic opportunity to bring more patrons and business into Pacifica. After all, who wants to come here just to sit in traffic?" 

Note:  the above Letter to the Editor was one-paragraph, which I chose to break-up into three parts. 

RelatedPacifica Patch/Camden Swita, 9/21/11,"Should Highway 1 through Pacifica be widened?"   "In the report, Caltrans says the segment under consideration acts as a bottleneck, and during morning peak traffic times can cause backups over a mile long south of Reina Del Mar Avenue. Dunn says the evening commute - between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. - can back up for over two miles in the southbound direction.
The segment of highway under study has not been widened since 1965, when it went from two lanes to four lanes with no median. In 1993, a median barrier was installed for safety."

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Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Interesting that the article is captioned by a photo of the now defunct KFC which was followed by the now defunct seafood spot (Boston Bill's ?). The fact is folks that no matter whether HWY 1 is widened or not it is little more than a thoroughfare for people headed North or South. Other than the surfer's who are headed to Linda Mar, there are few reasons to stop along the way.

Not to say there aren't decent places to visit, but visually from the highway, there's not much that catches the eye. A decent well-sited development at the quarry might bring a draw, but little else. I average motorist driving along Hwy 1 going to be enticed by the Manor Shopping Center or the Denny's at the Linda mar stoplight; probably not. Our local businesses are frequented mostly by local residents and as has been proven over and over, dose not bring enough revenue for many to keep their doors open. Heading North along Hwy 1 there are a few interesting businesses, Gorilla BBQ, Vallemar Station; Puerto 27 looks interesting, as does the Surf Spot. But after a day visiting Half Moon Bay, I think many motorists keep on going. Keep in mind this is just my opinion; not necessarily speaking for others.

Bill Haskins said...

The PH1A sure as hell don't represent me or my neighbors in the Saltaire Community. These are the same people that have had their collective hands around the economic throat of our beloved City for the past 30 years! I read the March 13th Tribune LTE again with 38 signatures under their anti-Hwy improvement diatribe. It is as infuriating to have a minority of people holding us hostage as it is to sit in more and more Hwy. 1 traffic on a daily basis.