Monday, June 24, 2013

Pacifica City council to Address Potential Update of Funding Structure for Services

Kathy O’Connell
City Clerk
City of Pacifica
170 Santa Maria Ave.
Pacifica, CA  94044
(650) 738-7307


Anonymous said...

What a load of crap. "Without raising existing rates" WTF. Talk about trying to make it sound like it won't cost us anything.

todd bray said...

The San Mateo Chief of Police that was applauded makes $281,000 a year has a $70,000 annual benefit package and a deferred compensation package of $8,500 a year, rounded up it's $300,000.

Yeah, another $300,000 public employee using threats to get what she wants. Is that the standard again? Are we to endure more Guido behavior from any and all who support taxing those less fortunate... or worse... threatening seniors once again to get their votes with a wink and a nod that they are exempt?

Great campaign ideas. Ugh. We don't have a revenue problem we have a self entitled senior staff, department heads, fire and police that would rather threaten the population than reduce artificially excessive salaries. They woud rather badger and defame than do the right thing which is a one percent pay reduction for every $10,000 earned.

What bitter thugs we employ.

Anonymous said...

Let's be factual here. There were no "threats" from the San Mateo Chief of Police or anyone speaking at last night's council meeting. I heard Pacifica citizen's point of view that local policing and other services are important for this community. (Additionally, "We" as Pacifica citizen's aren't paying her (yes, large) salary and that isn't what is being discussed here as part of the conversation about Pacifica finances.)

Anonymous said...

Well, true, there was no rough stuff, but part of her happy talk was news about the state's early release program for prisoners. What exactly were we supposed to make of that? Adopt a con? We all know why she was there.

Anonymous said...

Who's this "factual" poster? Hey anon 7:45 it sounds very much like the SM Chief was trying to scare people. Wow these people are serious. Hey city council you're just infuriating people. Take that as an unfavorable on your plan to tax us. It will go down in flames baby.

todd bray said...

The Protaxanon comment at 7:45 PM will be typical from the pro UUT folks. They will put up these red herring responses that are basically an alternative reality.

This tax is being sold by intimidation. When a sworn officer, a chief of police no less, uses fear to get her way... well that's just what it is.

Welcome to the yes on the UUT tax campaign. It will be like Fox and Friends for the duration.

The one saving grace is the campaign for a tax increase is they attract the same advocates/fanatics and zealots each time. I don't know why they get off on making people pay, but they do.

I'm sure we'll hear a lot of comparisons to the tax versus' cups of coffee or video rental or any number of items that can be purchased. The idea being give up some of that purchasing power to fund the salaries of people who make 4 times as much as you. 10 times if you are on SSI or SSI Disability.

The campaign will be full of this stuff. And worse still is the promise to seniors of increased services at no cost to them. That of course is a big fat lie, and it all too often works with these intimidation campaigns.

The yes on the UUT tax folks will use people against people to get their vote. I don't know if it's called narcissism, being a sociopath or just plain good old fashioned politics, but that's what's coming

Anonymous said...

I hope people remember all this instead of going into "coma" mode during election time.

Vote these people out!

Anonymous said...

The dramacons who wrecked the city, are now the experts on how to fix thing.s