Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Parking fees may be coming to you soon

  The City parking meter revenue source will partially fund Linda Mar State Beach expenses.

Look, buy, but don't park in our parking lot
Usually you get your money's worth
Pacifica Tribune, author unknown, 6/18/13.  "Pacifica State Beach parking program begins July 12."

"Pacifica State Beach parking program begins July 12.  A parking receipt or pass is required to park in both the north and south Pacifica State Beach Parking lots on Highway 1 and the Crespi Parking Lot located on the corner of Crespi Dr. and Highway 1 adjacent to the Pacifica Community Center.

Daily Parking Fees. The daily fee to park one vehicle in the Parking Lots is $3 for a period of less than four hours and $6 for a period of more than four hours (or all day). This fee is for one motor vehicle and is non-transferable. This fee authorizes vehicle parking during paid parking hours on the calendar day (or the remaining portion thereof) that the fee is paid. Once purchased, the daily permit must be placed face up on the dashboard of the vehicle so that it is viewable at all times by an enforcement officials.

....  Passes may be purchased at the Pacifica Parks, Beaches and Recreation Office, 1810 Francisco Blvd., or online at http://www.cityofpacifica.org/depts/rec_department. Please bring the license plate number of the vehicle for which you wish to purchase the pass. The cost is $50 for the Annual Parking Pass."  Read article.

Note - photographs. Shark warning fom Pacifica Riptide/KBO News photo, Taco Bell from Travels with Lucy.

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Anonymous said...

"Partially fund...Beach expenses ??"

I thought that previous articles indicated that the parking fees would fully cover beach maintenance as well as the hiring of two additional rangers.

How did we get from "fully cover" to partially fund?" Or did I misunderstand the previous articles?

Serously, if you're going to piss off a lot of the general public by charging a parking fee, at least make it count for something like paying 100% of the costs. Or are we supposed to feel good that our previous free parking will still be subsidized ?