Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Trump presidency, and the 2020 election (nothing to see here)

The New Yorker/The Borowitz Report (satire), Andy Borowitz,, 2/7/17, "Trump accuses media  of not reporting voices he hears in head."

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They're applauding me of course.
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Never get enough gold (for me)
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Reporters are 'fake news', get out.
"TAMPA (The Borowitz Report)—In a blistering attack on the media, President Trump said on Monday that the press has consistently refused to report the voices he hears in his head every day. Trump praised the 'really terrific information' he gets from the voices, which often speak to him when he is roaming the White House in his bathrobe in the middle of the night.

'They tell me that I won by the most votes ever and had the biggest Inauguration crowd ever,' Trump said. 'These are fantastic voices and they’re doing a great job.' Trump said the refusal to report what the voices tell him makes the media “the most dishonest people on earth.'  ... 'There might be a hundred people protesting outside the White House, and at the exact same time, five hundred voices talking to me inside my head,' he said. 'Guess which the press will write about?'  Read more.

Related, Twitter, President Donald J. Trump.  Related, a current articles.   CNN/Gregory Krieg, 2/8/17,"Donald Trump's universe of alternative facts."  "....More than two weeks into his presidency, Trump and top White House aides seem to be operating in an alternate universe -- where the world media is ignoring global terror as a means of advancing shadowy political interests and opponents of the President's sweeping travel ban are either traitors or mercenaries.  ..... The dynamic in the White House mimics Trump's personality, one former campaign official told CNN. He is someone who can lose interest quickly and turn to the next issue without much thought. It's most apparent on Twitter, where the President will bounce between a variety of often unconnected agenda items and personal grudges. ...."

Related, election campaign 2016, re-election campaign 2020.  NPR/Jim Zarroli 2/3/17, "Trump's campaign paid millions to his own properties, FEC documents say." ....  Documents filed with the Federal Election Commission show that Trump's 2016 campaign paid millions of dollars to fly on his aircraft, compensate his relatives for unspecified campaign activities and rent space in Trump properties, including Trump Tower in New York, the Trump golf club in Bedminster, N.J., and Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. How much money did the campaign pay in total? Politico did the calculations and came up with a figure of $12.8 million as of Dec. 31, 2016. Such payments are not illegal. ..."  Note: President Donald Trump has also announced his re-election candidacy for his 2020; therefore, he may continue to take in campaign contributions and use some of them to compensate his businesses, Larry Noble, watchdog Chair for Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington said.

Note photographs. They're applauding me from NCPR News/Yuki Noguchi and Tamara Keith, 2/8/17, "Tump To Take Aim At Dodd-Frank, Investor Protections Rule In Executive Action." Executive order signing with unusual gold plaque in background by Olivier Douliery from USA Today/Marsha Blackburn, 1/29/17, "Rep. Blackburn: Executive order makes U.S. safer." Wings by Carlos Barria/Reuters from Daily News New York/Meg Wagner, 1/28/17, "Republican lawmakers starting to worry about 'Trumpcare'..."

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful picture of Trump with his golden wings, ready to swoop down from the heavens and heal our ailing economy. Well done!

Trumpeteer said...

Legend has it that every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings. It seems the wakeup bell this country received with the recent election of the Donald had a duel purpose. Thank you oh Archangel Donald for sacrificing your successful stay in the private sector and leading us in an all out effort to make post Obama America great once again! He left a big mess to clean up, but we know you can do it.

Anonymous said...

The only good coming out of the Trump election is the re-invigoration of our democratic principles and a renewed awareness of our Constitution. Hopefully it won't take too many
world wide disasters to rid ourselves of President Bannan and his rich kid partner in crime.

Anonymous said...

Lying Donald is making America the laughingstock of the free world.