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Beyond Sanctuary Cities, California

Current "sanctuary" consideration for BART, also for the State of California.

San Francisco Chronicle/Michael Cabanatuan, 2/11/17. "Bart may designate itself a sanctuary transit system."

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Just trying to get to work.
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"Let refuges in. KickTrump out."
"BART, whose trains carry riders between a number of Bay Area sanctuary cities, will consider adopting its own policy protecting people in the country illegally from the federal government.
The BART board decided to consider a measure proposed Thursday by directors Nick Josefowitz of San Francisco and Lateefah Simon of Oakland. “Recent studies indicate that there are over 500,000 undocumented immigrants living in the Bay Area. Many of these immigrants ride BART every day,” Josefowitz said, adding that they should feel safe aboard BART.

....  Simon said that given President Trump’s stated intention to crack down on immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally, it’s important for BART to reassure riders they won’t be handed over to federal officials.  ....  'If our system can mirror some of the best cities and municipalities in this country that are standing up to hate and xenophobia, that would be great,' Simon said. 'We want to be on the right side of history'.”   Read article.

Related, California could become a sanctuary state articles.  USA Today/Gustavo Solis/The Palm Springs Desert Sun, 2/11/17. "California could become a sanctuary state. What that means."  "California cannot stop federal immigration officers from conducting deportation raids in the Golden State.However, the state can stop local cops and deputies from helping the feds enforce immigration law."  Daily Mail, UK/Associated Press, 2/11/17. "Now California plans to be a 'sanctuary state' in defiance of Trump-- as president is sued by San Francisco over his attack on sanctuary cities."  A bill is moving forward in the most populous state's legislature which would enshrine 'sanctuary status' for all of California. Sanctuary cities limit co-operation with federal immigration authorities and move would dramatically extend that. San Francisco is bringing a law suit which says the president's executive action against sanctuary cities is a breach of the Tenth Amendment."

Note photographs.  Protest "Let refuges in, kick Trump out"  by LiPo Ching/Bay Area News Group, #49 of 49 slides from The Mercury News/Katy Murphy, 1/30/17,"Defiant California Legislature fast-tracks 'sanctuary state" bills."  Waiting for Bart by Paul Chinn, The Chronicle, 1 of 5 slides from SF Gate/SF Chronicle/Michael Cabanatuan, 2/10/17, "BART may designate itself a sanctuary transit system." 

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