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Community meeting regarding residential burglaries, Thursday February 23, 2017

City of Pacifica, Connect with Pacifica archives.  From City of Pacifica, Connect with Pacifica this week, 2/13/17, read more.

Image result for Residential burglaries, Pacifica, CA picture"Greetings!  As you may have read on social media or heard from your friends and neighbors, we have experienced an unusually high number of residential burglaries in the past two weeks; 11 since February 1st, with 4 occurring on this past Tuesday alone.  These are all daytime burglaries, as most residential burglaries are, and follow a pattern that is also occurring in Daly City, South San Francisco, and San Bruno right now.  
Our Police Department’s detectives are working with other agencies to share information and to strategize the best ways to catch the thieves and stop the burglaries. While they do have leads, the PD isn’t releasing any information to avoid jeopardizing the investigation.
Having said all that, Police Chief Dan Steidle has scheduled a community meeting on the topic to hear from the public and offer up-to-date information.  Here are the details:

Community Meeting on Residential Burglaries, Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017, 6:30 p.m., Pacifica Community Center.
Between now and then, the Police Department has brought in reserve officers to increase patrol of neighborhoods and expand law enforcement’s presence.  As Chief Steidle said in his recent NextDoor post, “you know your neighborhood better than anyone.”  If you see something that doesn’t look right, please contact the Police Department and report it.
In addition, the Pacifica PD issued a Press Release earlier this week (and linked down below) with information about what you can do to protect your home.  Please check it out.

Please let me know if you have comments or questions, and thank you for wanting to Connect with Pacifica!  Best,  LORIE TINFOW, City Manager, email,"

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