Saturday, February 18, 2017

Effort against the current leadership threat to civilization

Pacifica Tribune Letters-to-the-Editor, 2/16/17.  "Resist, persist!" by Michele Coxon

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It's not nice to "resist" the Donald.
"Dear Editor... ....  If not for the dysfunctional Electoral College, President Trump would not be roaming the White House at night, making disastrous decisions and embarrassing tweets for the whole world to see. He is only confirming our claims to his mental instability, unqualifications to be president, and very real and present danger to global peace and stability. It’s no wonder dictators the world over are applauding. He is one of them.

.... ...  Everything we have worked so hard to achieve for equality, rights, environmental protection and peace abroad, has been shattered in a matter of three weeks.  .... ... If we survive it, then it will take decades to repair the damage, but we must not ever give up our efforts."
Note:  To read the entire Letter, please open the link above; in shortening the Letter, political party implications have been removed.    

Note photograph from Truth Revolt/Freedom Center (conservative think tank), 12/9/15, "Horowitz: Who's The Crazy One? The 2016 election will be a referendum on the defense of this country and its survival. Let’s see who answers the call."

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Pres Trump wants to make America safe from radical terrorist Muslim nations These theocracies will cut your head off if not Muslim. Pres Trump wants to create humane refugee safe areas ,at great U.S. cost, over there,saving us from cultural turmoil that Europe is experiencing.

Kathy Meeh (re: the unprecedented President) said...

1128, how absurd. What country do you live in? Apparently not USA, Europe or Asia. And clearly what you said is not about the peaceful mainstream Muslim religion.
More likely radicalized in this country are the Alt-right white supremacists (Hitler religion). Remember them?

Today Senator John McCain suggested what President Trump is more likely about, see CNN/Eugene Scott, 2/18/17, "Dictators 'get started by suppressing free press'."
But the sunny view of that observation: there may be some new concentration camp jobs created for those not contained.
Meantime some of us are hopeful, and counting the days until the Trump presidency ends, likely through impeachment.

Anonymous said...

Iran Muslim theocracy peaceful?Give me a break! Kathy you are unaware of Islamic terror in over 30 countries.Ask Israel?

Anonymous said...

Trump presidency has stock market at record levels and all Trump needs is a Reichstag emergency to give him emergency authority.He wins again!

Kathy Meeh (aware of anonymous deception) said...

1018; 2/18 1128-- no Theocracy in America.
And try Google for "Islamic terrorism". You're way off course with this dialog.
(PS: Israel is not a European Country.)

1028, as for the stock market: it goes up, it goes down with expectation of profits, and actual profits.
With Trump promises (yet to be delivered) it's gone up. With time, and when he's impeached, it will go down.

Anonymous said...

Trump keeps his campaign promises.He does what he says.Hilary said believe what he says! Stock market will continue to go up because U.S. will be first.Read Jack London's "Iron Heel" and see what power U.S. Trump oligarchy is establishing.Impeachment, unlikely ,as long as everyone makes money.

Kathy Meeh (Trump may contradict himself 3x in one sentence) said...

822, good luck with that! Potential irregularities: Russia, self-dealing interests (conflicts and subpoenaed tax findings), a range of ultimate personal liabilities because he is nuts and crooked.
About those promises, here's one: Time news, "Draining the Swamp?"

Anonymous said...

It's too late for Pacifica.
Trump is an unhinged sociopath.
I don't want my country to suffer from his "I got mine" lunacy.
Impeach the bastard before he ignites a nuclear war.