Monday, February 6, 2017

Eventually justice happens, road rage Highway 1 at Linda Mar Blvd

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Tailgating, then felony assault,
in court 4 years later.
Seriously, what was this all about?
Pacifica Tribune, 1/26/17, "Guilty verdict for road rage instigator."

"A Moss Beach resident was convicted of felony assault last week in an act of road rage that happened in 2013, said San Mateo County Deputy District Attorney Sean Gallagher.

Ignatious Leonor and his wife were driving north on Highway 1 when they encountered a tailgater, Richard Rainville, who eventually pulled up beside them at the traffic light at Linda Mar Boulevard. The encounter that followed ended with Rainville charged with felony assault.

He was found guilty of two felonies, assault by means likely to inflict bodily injury and battery with intent of bodily injury, Gallagher said.  Sentencing will occur on Feb. 10, 2017." 

Note graphic. Angry man by from rage.

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