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Not my President's Day weekend, February 18 - 20, 2017


Image result for Mock Funeral New York'NBC News/Politics/Donald Trump/Shira Tarlo, 2/18/17. " 'Not My President's Day': Thousands Plan Anti-Trump Rallies Across U.S."  "Thousands of people nationwide have vowed to spend their Presidents' Day Weekend protesting President Donald Trump and his policies at "Not My President's Day" rallies scheduled to take place in at least 25 cities across the country.  .... 


Image result for Mock Funeral New York Saturday, 2/18/17. 'Mourning the Presidency: A mock funeral for President's Day,' New York.  In New York City's Washington Square, hundreds attended a mock funeral for President's Day. Protesters dressed in black, listened as a eulogy was delivered for the American presidency. Others adapted the lyrics to the hymn Amazing Grace to speak out against the president and GOP members of Congress.The mock New Orleans-styled funeral still held a serious message, as demonstrators warned against 'the death of the truth' and 'true democracy.'

Sunday, 2/19/17. 'Stop the Trump Agenda: Protest on 1 Month Anniversary of Inauguration,' Chicago. Still more protests are planned for Sunday. In Chicago, five thousand people are expected to come together to resist the Trump administration's agenda of "racism, sexism, bigotry, and war," John Beacham, rally coordinator, said. Beacham stressed the importance of building a "united independent mass movement of people" to do this and highlighted the power of mass mobilization. ...
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Monday, 2/20/17. 'Not My Presidents' Day -- Rally,' Los Angeles. This Los Angeles' "Not My President's Day" rally was the first of its kind to pop up on Facebook, inspiring many of the other "Not My President's Day" rallies that are taking place across the country this weekend. The purpose of the Monday rally is to show that President Trump "has attacked every value Californians embody," according to its Facebook page, where 3,500 have signed up to attend.... "

Related articles, New York. Newsday/Matthew Chayes, 2/18/17,"Trump foes hold mock funeral for presidency in Manhattan." "Later Saturday, in New Orleans-style jazz rites, women shrouded in veils and men in all black crowded around a coffin in Washington Square Park in Manhattan, chanting a contemptuous twist on the hymn 'Amazing Grace.' 'Amazing disgrace — how sick the sight / Such hateful lunacy / America must stand and fight / To save democracy,' hundreds sang. Organizers said the presidency could be resurrected 'through political action and involvement.'   WION TV/New Delhi/Delhi, India 2/19/17, "Donald Trump attacks media in Florida rally." "Trump, whose first month in office has been overcast with lawmakers pledging to further investigate his possible pre-election ties to Russia, his national security advisor being forced to resign in disgrace, and a cabinet nominee withdrawing amid controversy, he said the White House is running smoothly. 'The White House is running so smoothly, so smoothly,'... Trump stressed, AFP reported.

Note related photographs. Crowd in NYC with coffin by Anthony Lanzilote from the Newsday article. Marching in NYC by Gordon Donovan (1 of 22) from Yahoo! news, 12/18/17,"Mourning the presidency: A mock funeral for Presidents' Day."  Trump (in Florida at his "rally" from Reuters) from the WION TV article.

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