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Connect with Pacifica, this week

City of Pacifica/Connect with Pacifica, Week of  February 2/6/17.

"Under the heading of something I never expected to be saying as a City Manager, we are looking for community input on the future of marijuana cultivation, sales and distribution in Pacifica.
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Having fun, great video, and
complying with drone regulations.
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On the lighter side, sudden Summer
whale caused storm for shore birds.
....  In response to questions I've received, I'm happy to report that in spite of this week's storms producing many tree issues, we have not seen the kinds of damage that we've experienced in the past. Thank goodness!"  (Lorie Tinfow, City Manager)

City news.   
1.   Drones - Know the Rules.  On the evening of Friday January 27, the Police Department assisted the North County Fire Authority with a cliff rescue. A resident was flying his drone in the area of the first-responders and hampered the rescue effort. In our Press Release, we outline the circumstances, but also provide links to the Federal Aviation Administration in an effort to educate drone owners. We ask drone owners to stay clear of emergency operations. While drones can provide some amazing video footage, it's not worth the risk to lives, possible damage to property, and harm to the environment.
2.   Study Session on "In-Law Units" at Feb. 21 Planning Commission Meeting.  .... The term “accessory dwelling unit” is the new legal term for what are commonly known as second units, in-law units, etc. Check back for the agenda to be posted to the meeting portal.
3.   Looking For an Interesting Volunteer Opportunity?  We're looking for citizens to fill vacancies on City of Pacifica Committees / Commissions. See the Open Space and Parkland Advisory Committee (OSPAC) Recruitment Notice and on the Planning Commission Recruitment Notice for more information. Applications are available here. Return application to Pacifica City Clerk Kathy O'Connell, 170 Santa Maria Ave., Pacifica, CA 94044-2506.

Read more,  includes City Press releases, community movie night (2/17), "save the date" city calendar.

Note photographs. Shore birds around Humpback whale and anchovies, Pacifica, by Pete Thomas from Pete Thomas Outdoors: Whale-watching, 7/8/16.  Drone by Martin Divisek/Bloomberg from  SF Gate/San Francisco Chronicle/Justin Bachman, 12/29/13,"Drone enthusiasts, FAA on legal collision course."

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