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New Benicia City Manager, Lorie Tinfow

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Lorie Tinfow, City Manager
Pacifica until 3/31/17.
Times Herald News/Rachel Raskin-Zrihen, 2/23/17. "Benicia to name new city manager."

"Lorie Tinfow is likely to be Benicia’s new city manager, Fire Chief/Acting City Manager, Jim Lydon, announced this week.  A resolution to that effect is on the Benicia City Council meeting agenda for Tuesday.

Image result for Lorie Tinfow City Manager Pacifica Picture
Savvy 2013 City Council
hired Lorie Tinfow.
On behalf of the city of Benicia, Mayor Elizabeth Patterson said in a statement, that “The city council is extremely impressed with Ms. Tinfow’s innovative problem solving approach to cities’ fiscal issues. She is an experienced and skilled professional city administrator who will bring value, inclusiveness, transparency and innovation to Benicia. I think we are very lucky to get such a qualified city manager in a very competitive market.”

.....  Tinfow holds degrees from Stanford and Harvard universities in applied earth science and city and regional planning and has been the city manager of Pacifica since 2013. While there, she strengthened the city’s financial status, and moved forward a number projects and initiatives, including increasing transparency with the community, officials said."  Read article. 

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