Sunday, June 26, 2016

Shark sightings alert again

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Be aware of sharks
in our ocean area.
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Shark fin
CBS SF Bay Area/local news/Carlos E. Castaneda, Senior Editor, 6/24/16. "Great White Shark spotted off Pacifica Beach."

"PACIFICA (CBS SF) — A great white shark was reportedly seen off of Pacifica Friday morning, according to police. The Pacifica Police Department posted an alert on social media saying the shark was spotted at about 10:00 am at Linda Mar Beach.

The post noted that shark sightings are not frequently reported in the area, but that the Pacific Coast is part of the natural habitat of the great whites. Beachgoers were urged to be careful and aware of their surroundings.

Last October, some 20 great white sharks were seen off both the Pacifica coast and off Ocean Beach in San Francisco. On Wednesday, another great white was spotted off the coast of Santa Cruz."

Related, recent news articles. National Geographic/Craig Welch, 6/23/14, "Mysterious Great White Shark Attacks on Sea Otters Surge." "From California's Pismo Beach to Half Moon Bay, young great white sharks are attacking otters by the hundreds but not eating them." 

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Gray Whale pops up her
head in Pacifica's ocean
NBC Bay Area/South Bay/Marianne Favro, 6/22/16, "More Great White Sharks Spotted in Santa Cruz." ... "' We saw a few white sharks, probably 10 sharks,' said David Ebert with the Pacific Shark Research Center. 'They were mostly five to eight feet, and a couple were 10 to 12
feet.' Wednesday's sightings come on the heels of another sighting off the Santa Cruz wharf late Saturday when a lifeguard and a swimmer spotted a white shark about 250 yards off Cowell Beach. Dozens of people were in the water at the time and lifeguards responded quickly to get them out safely." 

Note Great White Shark photographs. Fin facepage image from Randall Smith, "The Wandering Shepard". Also see  Fin from Island Charters San Diego. Shark out of water image from Richard Symonds Artist/ YouTube 3:08 minutes, "Great White shark diving, South Africa." "Artist Richard Symonds diving and photographing Great White Sharks on board Mike Rutzen's boat from Gansbaai, South Africa on November 2014." Gray Whale image with calf "spy hopping" through Pacifica's ocean from YouTube/Dave Kent, 5:15 minutes.

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Anonymous said...

Sharks were here first, surfers are a drag on the local economy being the deadbeats can't even afford 5-10 bucks for beach parking.

If you don't believe me try to find a parking spot at Pedro Point Shopping Center on a sunny warm weekend.