Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Proposed Rockaway Quarry development, a NIMBY special

Apparently some of us missed those preliminary "community" conversations, but from the proposed land use plan (#4 below) we have some idea who may have been queried. 

Pacifica Tribune/My Turn/Paul Heule, 5/12/16.  "Rockaway Quarry owner shares his vision," (Graphic from the article).

Rockaway Quarry owner shares his vision
Note graphic color guide:  Yellow residential, red commercial, green open space.

"The management of Preserve @ Pacifica, LLC, as the new owner of the Rockaway Quarry site in Pacifica, is very aware of the significance that this property has in the community. .... We spent over a year meeting with small groups, community leaders, elected officials, resource and regulatory agencies, and various stakeholders after we purchased the property. We conducted focus groups with voters and surveys to try to ascertain how the community views the Quarry and any potential development there. Now, we are moving forward with a public planning process for the site. We invite the entire Pacifica community to a conversation about how we can achieve a positive, responsible development on the site while minimizing or eliminating any impacts that come with it. ....  Our plan consists of:  a minimum of 75% of the property preserved as permanent open space. Read article.  

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