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A view of whales migrating off the coast, Linda Mar

Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 6/23/16. "Humpbacks at Linda Mar. Migrating whales captivate beachgoers and surfers."

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Gray Whale and calf.
.... "This is the time of year the whales migrate north and will seek food along the way in Pacifica waters, said Lucy-Claire Saunders of the Marine Mammal Center. They are very fond of the anchovies that are in these waters. Some have been spotted in San Francisco Bay, as well.

....  'I have never seen this many humpbacks and blue whales this close to shore this early in the season,' said Izzy Szczepanik, marine biologist and surfer.  .... ... 'Whales breaching, birds flocking and diving into the water, it was spooky and beautiful at the same time,' said Greg Cochran, president, Pedro Point Surf Club. .... ... 'It’s a sight to behold,' said Myles Kleinfeld, surfer.

'Lately, we’ve been watching many whales migrate off the California coast, including gray whales, humpback whales and even some blue whales. It is a spectacular sight, and a reminder of how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful and biodiverse place. At The Marine Mammal Center we ask boaters and kite surfers to keep their distance from the whales and to please report any entanglements to (415) 289-SEAL,' said Saunders."

Related articles/video. CBS San Francisco Bay Area, 6/4/16, includes video 1:25 minutes. "The whales didn’t mind the surfers and the surfers didn’t mind the whales. Everybody seemed to get along just fine. “This is just another example of us sharing space with animals and they don’t have any interest in hurting us,” said Skyler Thomas (a swimmer at Linda Mar Beach).  Andy Forward/Horse Present's channel, 9/27/15, YouTube video, 3:37 minutes. "Paddle boarders close encounters with whales, Linda Mar, Pacifica, CA." "The rare site of humpback whales in Linda Mar Bay, Pacifica made for some spectacular whale watching, especially for a few paddle boarders and surfers. September 16th 2015."   Navolt, 5/15/16, YouTube video 1:24 minutes, "Whales off the coast of Pacifica. There are many excellent videos of whales passing through Pacifica on YouTube.  Note photograph. Gray Whale by Dave Kent, 3/24/16, "Grey Whale Mother and Calf Spy Hopping", YouTube, 4:31 minutes.

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