Sunday, June 12, 2016

Our environment, culture, and economic partnership, California

"Have you seen the KQED documentary 'Becoming California' video from 2014?  I saw it yesterday.

Image result for Pacifica quarry picture
Oh no, a developer wants to restore
the quarry and provide a small village.
Image result for California environmental, economic partnership picture
Did you see this bear in someone's
swimming pool a few days ago?
Much of it talks about the importance of restoring the land damaged by us decades or centuries ago. Like the quarry.

It was refreshing to see REAL environmentalists who didn't have hidden agendas as far as blocking all housing or any development and resorting to any means to stop it. You won't see these enviros stomping their feet calling developers evil or filing lawsuit after lawsuit and appeal after appeal and fibbing to the public. They recognize the owners right to build and work WITH them to get the best outcome for everyone.

No I don't expect our faux John Muir's to change anytime soon. But maybe a few more will see what they really are."

Reference.  KQED Specials/Becoming California, 9/10/14, 1 hour, 57 minutes.  " 'Becoming California' tells the story of environmental change on America’s western edge. From geologic origins hundreds of millions of years ago to present day and beyond, Becoming California not only provides a synopsis of change across deep time, it reveals how human attitudes toward the environment dictate the nature of change."   

Submitted by Robert Hutchinson  

Note photographs and graphics.  State of California flag found on CalChamber Advocacy, 6/9/16.   Quarry by Peter Loeb from Pacifica Riptide, 8/27/15, "Rockaway Quarry Development Back in Play."  Also see the developer website, The Quarry Restore & Connect/Rockaway Quarry history. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh

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