Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Proposed affordable housing, Moss Beach

Half Moon Bay Review/Opinion/Don Horsley, 6/1/16. "Keep an open mind about Moss Beach property."

"For the last few months I have been asked to comment on the proposed sale of a Moss Beach parcel, owned by the California School Employees Association, to MidPen Housing, and any subsequent potential development by MidPen of that site.  ....  ... there are 1,364 jobs on the Midcoast, with 964 of the jobs paying low wages of $40,000 or less.

Affordable housing with lots of open space-- yet,
NIMBIES reject such projects. Sounds familiar? 
The reality of the housing crisis that we face shows up in the headlines throughout the Bay Area, in San Mateo County, and on our Coastside. Homeowners who bought their houses years ago are considered lucky.  .... Regular folks are finding it harder to make ends meet, homeownership is out of reach, affordable rentals are rare, and rents are skyrocketing and unpredictable. ...

....  So what do we do to address this very real problem? There is no single action that will solve this problem, but one thing we have to do is build more housing — at all levels of affordability, in all the communities in the county."  Read article.

Reference, opinion author.  Don Horsley, Board of Supervisors, District 3, San Mateo County, and campaign website.  Proposed Mid-Pen 11-acre affordable housing site location Midcoast Community Council/Lisa Ketcham, 3/17/16,  ".... The site would be developed at the same medium density as the surrounding neighborhood, ... ... MidPen proposes no more than 80 units, with all rental units affordable to families earning 30-60% of county median income (currently $103,000 for family of four). The one- and two-story duplexes and triplexes would be clustered so that a significant portion of the site could be dedicated to permanent open space." 

Related, the opposition (a Fix Pacifica reprint). Half Moon Bay Review/Opinion/John Maybury, 4/6/16,"Resist density, put housing where it belongs."  Riptide article, 3/22/16.  John Maybury Pacifica Tribune (NIMBY) opinion column, and "Wandering and Wondering", and Editor & Publisher Pacifica Riptide blog.  Midcoast NIMBY organization, "Resist Density" includes the mapped location off Highway 1 in Moss Beach.
Note:  The aerial photograph/graphic image is from the Reference Mid-coast Community Council website above.

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