Saturday, June 4, 2016

Quarry housing again on the November 2016 ballot

Proposed Rockaway Quarry development,
housing vote again, November 2016.

Pacifica Tribune/Letters to the Editor, 6/2/16.  "Quarry's future" by Robert Hutchinson

"So, it looks like over 3,200 Pacifica voters signed the petition so we will have a chance to decide what kind of development we want at the quarry.

Image result for Against Pacifica, CA quarry picture
Quarry good location for people to live?
We who "got ours" still don't think so... passat "traffic".
I just want to caution new residents about believing everything you hear especially from the opposition who has fought any attempt of development for over 30 years.

Remember the 2006 quarry initiative that almost passed with 48.3% of the vote? Then you know that the opposition will say or do anything to convince you to vote no. The award winning developer Don Peebles was even falsely accused of assault and his good name dragged through the quarry mud.

Already during the past few weeks we’ve seen all kinds of false accusations like “they are taking away our right to vote.” Not true. Or the developer is trying to trick us; they are lying, sneaky, out of town carpetbaggers. Ninety-nine percent of our houses were built by out of town builders. Or traffic will be horrible. Nothing can be built unless they mitigate traffic.

This is an important decision for Pacificans. We have a severe housing shortage here and this project would include 200 apartments with 20% being affordable for people like our teachers, seniors and struggling families. Also habitat restoration and 75% of that parcel set aside as permanent open space. Get the facts. Google “Quarry measure L” and see the same people fighting that with the same deceptive tactics. Look on the city and developers website. Do some research. Don’t believe the hate."

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Related, prior proposed Rockaway Quarry development, 2006. Smart Voter, Measure L, 11/2006.  The usual opposition to Quarry and other significant development for this City:  NO on L, 2006.    Note photograph/graphic from Gunderson Planning & Design, 5/7/14. NIMBIES questioning the project manager, by Jane Northrop, 11/17/15 from the Pacifica Tribune, 11/17/15 by Jane Northrop. Definition: Urban Dictionary, "passat" (brisk wind).

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Anonymous said...

Peebles' good name? Is that a joke. Peebles is a notorious contract breaker, has been sued by every area he's ever worked in, and was found guilty of reckless driving in DC (I guess assault is worse)?

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan,
Show some proof of the law suits and reckless driving.
I'm sure Don would love to see your sources.