Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Nimbyland doesn't love another Quarry project, (one voice)

Pacifica Tribune/My Turn (Opinion), Laurie Goldberg, updated 6/7/16,"Quarry ballot initiative verbiage."
Image result for nothing for Pacifica Quarry picture
Adding strategic business and housing
will cause "Los Angeles", and City collapse.
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Or, will it cause a meteor strike? I forget.
....  "What are we really voting on? The developer’s ballot initiative is to approve housing for any future development for 206 multi-family dwelling units or less. .... So if we are not careful we could lose our right to have a public vote on residential in the quarry forever. All of the other elements tossed into this initiative do not require a vote of the public.  ... We should be supporting shops we already have ....

The developer promises “millions in tax revenue” from the hotel/conference center. ... The added housing and increase of people will cause a stress on the infrastructure of Pacifica. Who pays for more crime, horrendous traffic, stress on sewer treatment, and water consumption, especially since we are in a four year drought, and who knows how many more years of drought we will have?  ....  Pacifica realizes a net loss. .... Todd Bray in the May 18 Tribune wrote a letter to the editor stating the developer’s claims that 75 percent of the quarry stays open space is simply not true.  .... ...  And it turns out, the developer has no plan for how to directly handle the traffic issue.

These people do not live here; never will live here. .... They will make money while we are stuck with increased traffic, crime, etc. Keep Pacifica the quaint coastal community we came to live in. Don’t let it become the Los Angeles on the west coast. ....  Vote no on the developer’s ballot initiative to develop the quarry this November."  Read full "My Turn" article.

Related, Tribune Editor note: "Laurie Goldberg is a 35 year resident of Pacifica and Vallemar homeowner."   Note photographs. Quarry by Bob Pilgrim from NO on L, 2006.  Meteor image facepage to PBS/KQED/NOVA.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Goldberg says stuff before her brain engages. Has anyone actually read her rant? In the first paragraph we find this: " This website (, his petitions, fancy postcards and POSTS IN LOCAL BLOGS LIKE PACIFICA RIPTIDE ARE USED TO DECEIVE PACIFICANS." [caps added.]
HAHAHAHAH .. Goldberg thinks Riptide is a pro-quarry mouthpiece??... HAHAHAHHA

Sharon said...

@5:27 No, what she is referring to is an entity naming themselves Pacificans for Quarry Preservation that responds to anti - quarry comments.

Larry said...

Goldberg may have the least credibility among all that group. She has been harassing people that don't share her views since Peebles was here. Her girlfriend, Eileen Carey, who once wore a surgeon's mask to a council meeting to complain about the deadly mold embedded in the walls, and Laurie were the goof sisters at council meetings. To give her space in the Trib is a testament to how far editorial control has gone.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for lack of editorial control. It's important to hear the crazy rants from a spokesperson representing the Pacifica NIMBY's and faux-enviros. It's like hearing a Trump speech, full of half truths, irrational thinking and twisted logic but very revealing of just how wacky the Republican Right is.
The only thing that's really scary about Goldberg is that I believe she is an assistant in a school for special needs kids. YIIIKES!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago, I saw Goldberg walking around Oceana Market with an anti-development quarry flyer TAPED to the back of her shirt. I was embarassed for her.

Anonymous said...

Have these people no shame?

Anonymous said...

The Pacifica Tribune should be embarrassed that they give so much print to this well known local kook and spokesperson for the NIMBY's and faux enviros.
I am not willing to support a newspaper that has such an obvious bias in favor of the local wacko's who have destroyed Pacifica.
Now that the Trib has doubled it's price for a single copy it's time to say goodbye.
Good luck with all of your crazy new friends.

Anonymous said...

Laurie Goldberg is entitled to her opinion, and, for that matter, to dress up in a frog costume or anything else that suits her fancy on a given day. After all, this is America, isn't it? Freedom of speech and ideas - you know the drill. For those who disagree with her, prove she's wrong. Show us the numbers. If you think that just calling her a NIMBY or some other pejorative makes your case, you are sadly mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Goldberg deserves all the freedom of speech that she wants. This is indeed America.
I love to see her standing shoulder to shoulder with Lancelle, Loeb, Bray and Verby. It confirms for me that they are all just as nuts as she is.