Thursday, June 23, 2016

Garden tour possible next year

Pacifica Tribune, Letters to the Editor, 6/22/16. "Drought means no garden tour, we’re so sorry" from Pacifica Garden Club

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Gardens need water.
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No garden tour this year.
"The Pacifica Garden Club has decided not to offer a Garden Tour in June.

We regret having to do this but in fairness to those generous enough to offer their gardens we feel it is a wise choice. Obviously, the drought has caused all of us to cut back on watering. The demand for water to maintain a beautiful garden is an essential element not available to anyone with the current dry spell.

Hopefully, we will be back on track with another inspiring tour next year.  Please stay tuned and hope for more rain in future months."

Reference, Club.  Pacifica Garden Club, "Beauty Through Gardening and Environmental Education."   Related, water restrictions. North Coast County Water District, "Drought news." "On June 17, 2015, the NCCWD Board of Directors adopted Ordinance 2015-57 outlining  mandatory water use restrictions.  Learn more about these restrictions and what you can do to help ensure a reliable water supply through the ongoing drought. Download PDF.  Stay Informed with the latest DROUGHT NEWS visit, State of California's Drought Website."

Note photographs. Garden, facepage image on Pinterest by from Pinterest/Sylvia Valenzuela, "Drought tolerant gardens."  Watering by ALAMY from The Telegraph, UK/Bunny Guinness, 4/16/12, "Dought: how to adapt in the garden."

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