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End of Pacifica School District school year, Thursday June 16, 2016

Pacifica Tribune, Wendy Tukloff, Superintendent, Pacifica School District Column, 6/12/16. "Busy summer plan at school district.

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Now can I go to Summer School?
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Another great kid accomplishment!
"We are approaching the end of our 2015-16 school year with Thursday, June 16, as the last day of school. We are so appreciative of the work accomplished as we continue to strengthen our programs and instruction to prepare our students for an evolving world.

For some of the Pacifica School District family, the end of this year will be the beginning of a new path in their lives of retirement. A heartfelt thank you for their service to the students, families, school district and community: Vicky Blume, Cathy Dutto, Alice Garibaldi, Marlina Hajnal, Claire Harrison, Annette Holthaus, Sandy Sutter, Ellen Vogel.

WORK STUDY SCHEDULED:  Oddstad Property, June 22, 6 p.m., Boardroom. A meeting is scheduled for a presentation regarding the Oddstad Property by consultant Thompson-Dorfman. The presentation will highlight the results of the survey and potential options. Please attend if interested

SUMMER PROGRAMS.  ....  Along with preparing for 2016-17 programs and having our hard-working Facilities, Maintenance and Operations (FMO) staff completing annual work on our building and grounds, we will also have summer programs occurring at select campuses. ....  Our District Office will be open throughout the summer. Please call 650-738-6600 should you have any questions or concerns. The office staff will be able to forward the request to the appropriate person."
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Reference, Pacifica School District.  From the article, Summer School programs:  June 20 through July 15.  Spindrift Performing arts, June 22 through August 6.  Also, Library programs, and volunteering (see the full article).

Note photographs/graphics: School's out! image from Canyon Springs School, Anthem, AZ. "Beautiful smile" by Hero Images/Getty from Magic Radio R&B, 95.5, Columbus, Ohio. 

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