Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Two good men save a gull tangled in a fish line, Pacifica pier

After.  Not so pretty... don't worry,
I've been rescued before.

Pacifica Tribune Letters to the Editor, 1/20/15.  "Gull rescue at pier" by Denise Buckley Crawford

adult, breeding
Before. Pretty huh.. we all look alike?
Total nonsense.
"Editor: On Sunday, Jan. 11, I was on the pier and saw a two men come to the aid of a gull tangled in fish line. The man in the grey shirt (pictured here) is Ryan Peters, of Clayton, CA. A regular at the pier, Ryan told me that it often happens like this, and that he had already saved two others today." 
Reference - National Audubon Society Birds/ California Gull. "Part of a complex of similar gulls, this bird closely resembles the Herring Gull or Ring-billed Gull, and is intermediate between those two in size. It nests around lakes in the interior of the west, and winters commonly along the Pacific Coast, including offshore waters." 

Note photographs:  California Gull by Glenn Bartley/VIREO from the National Audubon article; Gull being rescued on Pacifica Pier by Denise Buckley Crawford from her Pacifica Tribune Letter to Editor. 

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This is another reason I LOVE Pacifica! People care about animals and the environment! Such nice people at the pier! Andy Pappas we love you! He is the crab king.