Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year 2015 - early look at 930 new laws, California

....  "Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown, who meanwhile rode a wave of popularity to a historic fourth and final term, vetoed 143 bills the Legislature sent him, saying they cost too much money, did not improve the state or created unnecessary regulations. He signed 930 others into law.

Yeah, well "Fido" won't bite you, promise
Okay, "Ugly" won't be
winning the Cute award
....  Also last year, federal bribery charges were leveled against two state senators, and Brown signed measures that extend the statute of limitations for prosecuting public bribery cases and double restitution fines for public officials who seek or accept bribes. In addition, public officials are now barred from using campaign funds to pay fines for improper personal use of political funds.

....   Allergies: Public schools must stock epinephrine injectors so medicine can be administered quickly to students who suffer serious allergic reactions.

....   Frogs: The California red-legged frog (Rana draytonii), recognized by the federal government as a "threatened" species, becomes the official state amphibian. Mark Twain featured the creature in his story "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County."  ....  Bike trails: Local agencies, including cities and park districts, may place proposals on the ballot that, if two-thirds of local voters approve, would impose a vehicle registration surcharge of up to $5 to develop and maintain bikeways.

....   Data mining: State agencies are barred from cooperating with federal officials in the mass collection of phone and computer records unless a warrant has been issued."  Los Angeles Times/Patrick McGreevy, Reporter, 12/31/14. "California's new laws for 2015:  how are you affected?"

laws of particular interest on the North Coast include measures that regulate groundwater use, define sexual consent among college students, ban plastic bags and overhaul confinement standards for egg-laying hens and other livestock.  Some 1.4 million immigrants in the United States illegally are expected to apply for a California driver's license beginning Friday.

 ....  In the midst of a fourth year of drought, the Legislature acted to regulate groundwater use in California for the first time in the state’s history, ending the policy of pumping-as-you-please. The landmark legislation, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, requires local agencies to develop sustainability plans for managing the resource or risk having the state intervene and assume that function."  Press Democrat/Derek Moore, 12/31/14, "New Year, lots of new laws in California", 4 pages, includes a KPIX 5 news video, 2:18 minutes.

.... "Under a law signed this year by Gov. Jerry Brown that takes effect Thursday, dogs will be permitted to dine with their owners on outdoor patios at restaurants, provided certain conditions are met.  .... Under AB1965, whether to allow dogs is left to individual restaurant owners, and local jurisdictions retain the ability to prohibit the practice or add restrictions. Conditions that must be met include having a separate patio entrance that does not require walking through the enclosed restaurant; keeping all dogs on a leash and not allowing them on chairs or benches; not using the patio to prepare food or drinks; and not allowing restaurant food staff to make direct contact with the pets."  Ventura County Star/Timm Herdt, 12/31/14,  "California to get 931 laws in 2015, including one for the dogs."

Related articles - NBC/Los Angeles/Asher Klein, 12/31/14, "10 new laws Californians should know."  CBS San Francisco 5/Associated Press, 12/31/15, "Controversial new laws go into effect for California on January 1st", includes news video, 1:48 minutes.  Capital public radio 2015, "New California laws." Capital Public radio, "New California laws 2014" (last year).   Reference - State of CA Laws and Regulations, (there seems not to be a single listing of the new 2015 laws to date).

Note photographs. Red-legged frog by Tina Freer from Go pixpic.  Restaurant patio dining from the Ventura County Star article.

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Anonymous said...

I just saw on the Noon News that DMV is opening special DMV offices for illegals to walk into and get drivers licenses.

Way to go Liberal lawmakers.

Kathy Meeh said...

The law applies to everyone. I read somewhere this is a restoration of the way the law used to apply (probably several decades ago).

I think this is a very good thing. California residents who drive will be documented. And more will carry at least minimum liability insurance. AB60 Fix article with links.

Anonymous said...

Special offices for illegals. I highly doubt it.

Anonymous said...

1248 Ain't no sunshine where you've gone baby. Sucks to be you.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if democrats are naïve, stupid, or trying to pull one over. Illegals have been driving for years with stolen id's and ss#. That is a problem. We don't know who is here.

Anonymous said...

Stolen and fake IDs are a proud American tradition. Like speeding and drunk driving. They're just trying to fit in.