Friday, January 2, 2015

Driving in California legally has been restored to 1994 standards

Running back to California
where reason has been restored
Half Moon Bay Review/Julia Reise, 12/31/14. "Many look forward to freedom of mobility."
....  "AB 60 is not landmark legislation, per se; rather it restores privileges that existed prior to 1994, when people did not need to prove they had a Social Security number to obtain a driver’s license. Those who had obtained a license before then could still renew it indefinitely despite the legal change. But, per the recommendation of a government commission established in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, the REAL ID Act was passed in 2005. It set minimum standards for the issuance of driver’s licenses and prevented those without Social Security numbers from obtaining them.

....  “Up until two months ago, we had a waiting time of one day to get an ID,” he said. “The normal waiting time is now a month. That is how busy we are.” Alfredo Gomez already has his DMV appointment for February and plans to help his wife practice for the test as well. “Until now I’ve been driving carefully and safe,” he said. “I’m just going to drive with caution like I usually do, even when I have my license.”  Read article.

Related - Fix Pacifica reprint - San Mateo Patch, 12/30/14.  Note:  the funny graphic is from Downtrend/Brian Anderson, 7/14/14, "CA prepares to issue diver's licenses to illegal aliens who can't pass test or prove who they are", which is false and hateful propaganda. 

Reference -  AB60 Driver License Implementation,  and  Proof of identity and California residency, pdf 5 pages.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


The Local Libertarian said...

We will probably witness more people immigrating out of California to preserve their lifestyle given the rising inflation and dropping incomes.

As more people become mobile it also means there could be labor pricing adjustment. For instance, labor in Sacramento/Stockton area (and outer SF Bay) could effectively challenge the labor in SF Bay area leading to a price war. This is going to have a very long and sustained effect on labor prices and local blue-collar economies.

In addition as more undocumented immigrants join the work force, it will further compound the effect.

2015 is going to be a very interesting year

Expensive Housing Driving People out of California

The Local Libertarian said...

Also, the drop in Oil prices, I think is temporary.

At the current oil prices, the budgets in the Middle East and other oil producing nations are under tremendous strain.

Keep in mind the Middle East imports large quantities of everything else from the West in exchange for oil. If their exports hurt, so will their imports. Unless the West is willing to underwrite export discounting for the Middle East. The West can only offer this discount at the cost of Western citizenry.

Unlike in the 80s, I doubt Americans or Europeans would be so willing this time around given the existing debt burden in their economies.

Which then means Oil prices will and must reach stability sometime in the near future .. a maximum of 2 yrs at most.

In any case, the temporary dip in Oil prices in conjunction with the above post means more labor mobility.

Anonymous said...

Oh no Local Lib. You mean white out conditions? It's just a little freeze warning and frost advisory. Don't panic.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks the local libertarian is Fogel.

Anonymous said...

It is very easy to buy a name and ss# I know of illegals who have, then went and got a drivers license. Jose , the name, is very popular. So, I guess, what I am saying is this has not solved anything. We have millions of people in America with false id's. That is a problem. We have middle eastern men who buy Mexican names and ss#. This is a problem. I don't hear of anyone trying to fix this.

Anonymous said...

816 Lot of these things have solutions that are far more dangerous to liberty than the problem itself. Particularly in the hands of fear-mongers, the politically ambitious, or true dimwits--all of whom pander to fear and hatred.

Chris Porter said...

Within the last five years I have had two situations where someone was using one of my worker's social security number with a completely different name. Both times the other person lived in the LA area.

Steve Sinai said...

"Me thinks the local libertarian is Fogel."

I don't.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if the research-driven insurance companies with all their data see this as opportunity, what's the problem? Identity theft is nothing new.

President Polk said...

What's the chance that if I went to Mexico illegally they would say "mulligan, here's your license".

Tom Clifford said...

P.Polk You are trying to make a complex problem simple. Many of the people getting licenses through this program have been in this country since they were babies. They have grownup thinking of themselves as Americans. This is their home and they have no place else to go.They work here,raise their families here and most pay taxes just like the rest of us.

The big difference is that when they pay S.S tax it goes into someone else account and they can not receive any benefit from it.

Kathy Meeh said...

825, your USA license will be checked for validity by Mexican authorities when you drive through Mexican border crossing.

The chances of you potentially risking your life entering Mexico illegally: ZERO!

Anonymous said...

If I move to Mexico will they give me a Mexican drivers license?

Anonymous said...

You move to Mexico and I'll give you a Mexican Drivers License. Con gusto!

Kathy Meeh said...

1020 other than making some lame political point, if you care, do your own research and get back to us.

Here's a good start. Wikipedia, "Mexican citizens and legal residents. ... Testing: It is up to each individual state to determine the requirements for the acquisition of any of the aforementioned licenses. For example, the Federal District considers the driving license as a method of regulating drivers instead of certifying them, and thus issues licenses without any sort of test (drivers must sign a document declaring they can drive).[6] On the other hand, the state of Zacatecas issues a written test to every new driver."

Mexperience and other websites describe Mexican immigration requirements. 1020, good luck and goodbye, enjoy your new homeland!