Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"Best blog" bragging rights from NIMBYland

Oh, the sweet sound
of Keener and Riptide
Pacifica Riptide/Pacifica Riptide covers the coastside/John Maybury, 1/19/15.

"Now you can help Riptide, too. ....  One way is to click the ads and shop at the Amazon link on our right sidebar-- we get a percentage.

'Thanks for maintaining the best blog in Pacifica.  (John Keener, Pacifica City Council)."  Read more.

---------- Opinion:  Meantime, over decades extreme environmentalism has lead to City land deficiency, economic and financial budget shortfalls, and a series of unintended (or intended) consequences.

Click those ads to financially support Riptide blog OPPOSING 1) economic development, 2) Sharp Park golf course, 3)  highway 1 modernization (the 1.3 mile traffic bottleneck widening); while SUPPORTING 4) city disincorporation (failure).  No thanks!

Did YOU vote for mild-mannered John Keener?  This is what you support?  If so, Riptide is your "best blog".  (Bonus: John Maybury, Riptide Editor moved to Moss Beach, where he will no longer be affected by Pacifica deficiencies.)

But if Riptide is NOT your "best blog", you are welcome to support fixing Pacifica on Fix Pacifica blog. Your articles, announcements, and comments are appreciated.  

Note: graphic from Momastery/Glennon Doyle Melton, "Bragging Rights", "This is a monkee tooting its own horn. Yes it is."
**this is a MONKEE TOOTING ITS OWN HORN. Yes, it is. ** - See more at:

Submitted and posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

kathy, you are a hateful person. get therapy.

Anonymous said...

lol.... do you know how pitiful this posting makes you look? I was going to buy a new motherboard through Amazon, but thanks for reminding me to buy it through Riptide's link! Hopefully Mayberry will buy me a beer with the proceeds and we can toast your misfortune!

Kathy Meeh said...

823, I guess telling the truth in this city sometimes causes a NIMBYland response of "you must be hateful". Its all part of your spin that continues to sink this city into ongoing debt, hence risk.

So, I'll just keep telling the truth about this city as part of "my therapy", (whereas there may be no hope for you, so sorry).

844, definitely you will continue to support the NIMYland "misfortune" of this city. That is "pitiful". That's why those of us who know this city should be better and do better, must not support your candidates, and your misguided city policy efforts period (ethics 101).

Anonymous said...

823 Get real. The sides are even.