Sunday, January 25, 2015

Nice warm/hot day in Pacifica

Memo to that other "best blog":  we can do weather here too.  Plus a message:  time to build a desalination plant somewhere nearby.

San Francisco Chronicle/Evan Sernoffsky, 1/25/15,"Sunshine brings balmy temperatures to East, South Bay."

Cindy Meyer snaps photos of waves crashing onto the coast in Pacifica. Photo: Paul Chinn / The Chronicle / ONLINE_YES
Here's looking at you, Pedo Point
"Another dry day of sunshine spread across the Bay Area on Sunday, with some areas expected to nudge toward record temperatures, forecasters said.

A bubble of high pressure is hovering over most of the state, deflecting clouds and possible rain to the north away from the region, said Diana Henderson, a forecaster with the National Weather Service.
That pressure, coupled with offshore winds, has made for cloudless, sunny skies around all of the Bay Area.  Temperatures were expected to reach 66 degrees in San Francisco, well short of the long-standing record for Jan. 25 of 74 degrees — set in 1899."

Note:  photograph from the San Francisco Chronicle article above, 2 of 6 Pacifica slides by Paul Chinn. Nice!  
Related Pacifica weather - Weather Underground/Sharp Park. high today 64, yesterday 65.8; Monday 68, ouch!  Warm week -- cooler Tuesday, 1/27, 62; and Wednesday, 1/28, 63.  See 10 day forecast. 

Related State weather - San Francisco Chronicle/Tom Stienstra, 1/24/15. "Stinestra: Where's the snow?  Trips up Norcal highways reveal shocking images." Article includes 12 Truckee to Redwood Empire slide images, not much snow this time of year. Redwood Empire: "--- January has been so dry that the rivers are low and clear, and for steelhead, “rain,” as all the guides now say, “is desperately needed.”  Fix Pacifica blog article search:  "desalination plant".  

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