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Big Wave project again, Moss Beach

Half Moon Bay Review/Julia Reis, 1/22/15.  "Planning Commission approves Big Wave, appeal to Coastal Commission expected."

Big Wave:  What a really good community project
helping slow learners have a good, balance life.
12 years of NIMBIES protesting: "No",
"too big", "anywhere else, not here",
and so the process continues...
The San Mateo County Planning Commission voted 4-1 in favor of the latest iteration of the Big Wave North Parcel Alternative at a meeting last week. The dissenting vote for the eight-building option came from the commission’s Coastside representative, Zoe Kersteen-Tucker.

Wave spokesman Jeff Peck said he fully expects an appeal to be filed. Such was the case in 2011, when five organizations appealed that version of the proposal to the Coastal Commission. The state agency in turn denied it in 2012.

....  “We’re not going to change anything based on the opinion of nonprofessionals,” Peck said. “The letter from (Coastal Commission) staff was not done by professionals. … If the commission looks at the facts from all the professionals that reviewed this project, there should be no concerns.”

....  An appeal of the Planning Commission’s approval could come from Committee for Green Foothills. The group’s legislative advocate, Lennie Roberts, said the organization is considering it. While she said the Committee for Green Foothills continues to work with Big Wave backers, Roberts wrote a letter to the Planning Department expressing opposition to the project as it currently stands.  Read more.

Reference -  Big Wave project/Catherine, 1/18/15, "San Mateo County Planning Commission Hearing resutts." "Community living for individuals with learning disabilities." Big Wave has been fighting to become a reality for 12 years. Big Wave supporters have attended 27 hearings to help the project pass. We are almost there!"   Approved by Big Wave/North Project Alternative (NPA), agreed upon by Green Foothills (9/2013), approved by San Mateo County Planning Commission, 1/14/15, expected to be challenged by Green Foothills at the Coastal Commission.

Related - Loma Prieta Sierra Club/The Loma Prietan/Annelise Agren, Jan/Feb, 2010. "Situated west of Half Moon Bay Airport, "Big Wave" is a controversial proposed development for a gargantuan office park, a wellness center and residential units for developmentally disabled adults. The project's mission: "Creating an independent, inclusive community of people and businesses providing opportunity for individuals with developmental disabilities— all while benefiting our neighbors and the environment." The Chapter doubts that the proposal can fulfill this mission." 

Note photographs global land view by Lisa Ketcham, from the related Loma Prietan article; girl with bucket weeding from the referenced Big Wave project organization.   For prior Fix Pacifica blog articles, search: "Big Wave".

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