Thursday, January 1, 2015

New code officer home again in Pacifica

Urban farms are nice, but
not in your backyard (NIYBY)
Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, 12/24/14.  "New code enforcement officer hits the streets."

"Lawrence Ngai, new code enforcement officer for Pacifica, landed his dream job in the town in which he was born and raised. Ngai, 26, graduated from Oceana High School and earned a bachelor's degree in criminal justice from San Francisco State University. After graduating, he went to corrections academy in Sacramento where he learned municipal codes and officer safety.

The most common complaint he addresses is the accumulation of junk in front yards. He gives residents lots of time to correct the problem, only resorting to a citation if absolutely necessary. He lets the residents know there are private junk haulers who offer free or reduced services for low income families.  The second most common complaint is looking at inoperable vehicles in driveways. "It's a nuisance and a blight. They have to be stored away from the residence," he said. The third most common complaint is prohibited sign usage. Anyone who posts a sign needs a permit from the planning department. .... He's a resident of South San Francisco now. ...."I'm thankful the city of Pacifica found me. "  Read article.

Related - the Topix summary, in event Mercury News blocks your viewing.  Photograph from Spitalfields Life, UK. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Which means he couldn't pass the test to be a real police officer.

He doesn't have the authority to give out tickets.

Suburban Farmer said...

I disagree with the caption for the photo. I believe that Pacificans should be able to have barnyard animals in their backyard, including pigs and cows. Cockledoodledoo!

Anonymous said...

Howdy neighbor!

Anonymous said...

Get a life. Meanie.

Anonymous said...

That 123 is one twisted little hombre.

Tom Clifford said...

Anonymous 1:23 I'd stay anonymous if I were you a Code enforcement officer can fine you thousands of dollars a day for some infractions and he has a very big book full of them.

Anonymous said...

1157 banyan. Drive by to see a true junk yard. Google satellite or street view doesn't do it justice

Anonymous said...

Have u bothered to tell some one who could do something if it really is in violation? Like the code enforcement officer? You might not be top priority, but you'd actually be doing something.