Thursday, January 22, 2015

Retention basin solution for storm water overflow in process

Pacifica Tribune/My Turn/City Councilmember Mike O'Neill, 1/20/15.   

Linda Mar Blvd Shopping Center
Linda Mar Blvd Park and Ride 
....  "The torrential rain that hit Pacifica before Christmas reminded us yet again of our vulnerability to major storms.  ....  Storm water is usually dealt with in two ways: The first is by natural flow using creeks to the ocean, and the second is by the use of storm drains on the streets, which carry rainwater through large pipes to the creek or ocean. Just about everyone reading this will be aware of the highly visible reconstruction of the Hwy. 1 Bridge at Pedro Point.  The new bridge will be higher, wider and longer, to allow storm water to flow freely under it to the ocean.    

....  There are plans for rebuilding the waste water collection system which includes something called a "retention basin" next to the existing pumps at Linda Mar. ....  Retention Basins are a proven technology, widely used in San Francisco, Daly City and in other Bay Area Cities. As with the retention basins in those other cities, it's anticipated that ours would only be used a few times a year, and only during major storms, until the overflow can be safely pumped to the WWTP to be processed. .... 

....  The Retention Basin is in the long term financial plan for the Wastewater System with requests for bids to be prepared in 2015."    Read article.
Note:  much care went into writing the above article, and its worth reading in its entirety.  If you're blocked from the Mercury News electronic version, the print version may be easier to access.  
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Anonymous said...

Where's the drawing and map? I want to see this sucker. "Next to the existing pumps"? Not really. Begin the spin. The poop tank will be across the highway from the pumps on a prime parcel across from Linda Mar Shopping Center. That little detail is mentioned later in the article. What's wrong with the area behind the community center? It'll still stink up LM but leave room for potential development on LMBlvd.

Tom Clifford said...

I agree that the tank should be install behind the Community Center.

The property across from Linda Mar shopping center is to valuable to use as a sewerage holding tank and the impact on the Shopping Center could be devastating.

I like and respect Mike but having been through the ordeal of the smells coming of the W.W.T.P (promises of no smell followed by years of complaints about the rank odor coming across Highway 1), I do not believe that the equalization basin will not smell.

Anonymous said...

I would assume that there's a small collection tank right now, from which the pumps do their stuff - does that stink? If not, why would a bigger tank be any different?
I suspect that having the new tank away from the existing pumps would need an additional set of pumps, etc., making it a whole lot more expensive.
Unless I'm missing something, it seems like a no-brainer to me.

Anonymous said...

233 Does the current arrangement smell? Yes. Sit in traffic at the stop light and you'll get everything from a whiff to eww, roll up the window. Also noticeable in the immediate vicinity of the pump house. Not all the time, but in the immortal words of Joe Tanner "What? they didn't know shit stinks?" More expensive to run pipe over to the Comm Ctr? What about the forever expense of wasting!!another prime piece of real estate on a city facility? I know that's what we do with valuable property in Pacifica but it's time to stop. Someone, someday might just want to expand and improve the shopping center, add some housing, whatev. Don't waste the property. That's the no-brainer.

Anonymous said...

I see they trot Mike O'Neill out to start softening people up to the idea.
He's got the common touch, has done roadshows before, and, he's very tall.

Anonymous said...

2 questions. 1) Does the city have to buy the land on LMBlvd? They already own the Comm Ctr and surrounding parcel. 2) What new regulatory nightmare will there be if this sewage holding pond is built right in the middle of a retail, restaurant and residential neighborhood? When they put the WWTP in the quarry it brought in a whole new level of regulations and oversight. US Fish and Wildlife are never going to let much of anything be built there. Scott Homes told them that at the time. Chris Hunter was mentioned last year in an article by Elaine Larsen as having said the same thing. Placement of the WWTP there was actually a major bloodless victory for anti-development crowd with an able assist from the WSP nimbies who wanted the plant moved out of their 'hood. I'm almost sure it was an unintended consequence for them, but nonetheless one that makes us a poorer city. And, oh look, the pit on Beach Blvd is still a pit and the "new" WWTP still stinks.

Anonymous said...

Does putting the tank there impact what can be built or improved in the surrounding area in the future?