Thursday, December 20, 2012

Climate warming may be less severe than expected

In nice to see an alternative argument to "Global Warming/Climate Change".  Somewhat lengthy article link, but informative.  

The Wall Street Journal, 12/18/12.  "Matt Ridley:  Cooling down the fears of climate change."  Evidence points to a further rise of just 1 degree Celsius by 2100.  The net effect on the planet may actually be beneficial.

Earth toasting depends upon water vapor    
"Forget the Doha climate jamboree that ended earlier this month. The theological discussions in Qatar of the arcana of climate treaties are irrelevant. By far the most important debate about climate change is taking place among scientists, on the issue of climate sensitivity: How much warming will a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide actually produce? The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has to pronounce its answer to this question in its Fifth Assessment Report next year.

 The general public is not privy to the IPCC debate. But I have been speaking to somebody who understands the issues: Nic Lewis. A semiretired successful financier from Bath, England, with a strong mathematics and physics background, Mr. Lewis has made significant contributions to the subject of climate change."  Read article.  Note:  picture by David Gothard from the article

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Anonymous said...

Seems that Sue, isn't the only wingnut around town!

Professor Peabody said...

Explain what you mean by wingnut. Is it because this is a different take on an issue that will affect us as a community tremendously? Is it because you're an expert? Did you read the column? A little flippant. There is a lot of money to be made by a lot of people if they sell the global warming concept as a done deal. Anyone who says it's proven science is full of it. There is no such thing as proven science. They're picking apart the theory of relativity. So tell me, what do you mean by wingnut?

Anonymous said...

Global warming and climate change is a fact because? Al Gore told you so, or Ian Butler agrees with it, or Todd Bray says its a fact, or space cadet Sue says it is going to drown us all?

Anonymous said...

It's a fact because a ton of actual scientists say so, as opposed to a bunch of partisan extremists on Rupert Murdock's payroll who are then parroted by all the Fox-News-watching sheep.

Anonymous said...

Man Made Global Warming is not a fact. But, the fact that our children are being brainwashed to think so in school is a fact.

Anonymous said...

Global warming is a fact, whether it's man-made or not. People who talk about our children being brainwashed are nut jobs, and that's also a fact.

Anonymous said...

Children are being taught to believe that Man is evil and Native Plants Have Rights. That' a Fact.

Chris C said...

The earth is flat! Every scientist says so.