Sunday, December 9, 2012

Devil's Slide Coast planning adequate parking and bike trails?

Pacifica Tribune Letters to the Editor, 12/4/12 "Devil's Slide Coastal Recreation Area" by Jim Sullivan

Biking trail from Pacifica?
Editor:  A big hearty Pacifican thank you to Dan Underhill for spreading the word on upcoming positive changes happening on Devil's Slide.

My added notes to the free shuttle plug is this. We need a non-highway shoulder multiuse trail from behind Linda Mar Ace hardware that will allow bicyclists+walkers a way to access Devil's Slide.

Why this option wasn't part of Caltrans mitigation obligations leaves me (almost) speechless. This recreational trail will draw tourists to the eateries+market at Pedro Point, bringing the much-needed out of town monies Dan speaks of.

As things sit now, driving ones motor vehicle+ hoping for one of perhaps a dozen parking spots to be available to park, taking SamTrans bus No. 294 during the week or bus No. 17 on weekends, or riding the free shuttle will be the only way other than walking or riding ones bicycle along shoulder-less Highway 1?

Without this trail, I don't see much of a difference to what we have now -- folks passing through on their way to somewhere else. The communities to the south have been diligently parceling together a nonmotorized trail to access the future Devil's Slide walking-pedaling route. This multi-use trail up from Linda Mar will add tremendous access value to the Devil's Slide rec area, just observe the amount of trails users along Linda Mar Beach, Rockaway, Mori Point, Promenade and the Pier and you will see my point. We in Pacifica need this non-motorized trail to be in the chute now!"

Reference - Devil's Slide Coast Recreation Area.  "Devil’s Slide Coast public lands are located between Pacifica and Half Moon Bay, about 15 miles south of San Francisco and 30 miles North of Santa Cruz, accessible via Highway 1." 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Hutch said...

Ok, does anyone know how Devils Slide got it's name? My theory has always been that the rocky outcropping in the water just off Pedro Point looks like the top of the devil's head with two horns.

Anonymous said...

Emmet Domane said...

The only thing holding up a trail behind Ace Hardware is a little thing called "private property". Neither the city or county own a swath of land they need to connect trails. The city will have to buy property (assuming the owner wishes to sell) in order to go forward with plans already drawn up for the trail.

Anonymous said...

Devil Slide will finally crumble into the Ocean and Caltrans will not maintain the bike walking and hiking trail.

Just like Thorton Beach.

Anonymous said...

Oh no ! That was our economy. I'm sure of it!

Anonymous said...

That ànd the shuttle to no where

Anonymous said...

Shuttle to nowhere? Perfect. I can see it now. Council's latest brain fart, on wheels, a couple or three passengers trapped aboard, all pounding desperately on the windows...Let me out, let me out, I'm going to miss my flight.